AK to IOP -- What a change


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Hey everyone,

This has been a little late in coming, but I moved here last April after completing my assignment up in Interior Alaska. I am AD AF and working at Joint Base Charleston. So far, I love it here. I have been converted to Shrimp & Grits and enjoy Johnny's at MP. Feel like a regular now, and even though I am a Northerner at heart... I have no intentions to try and change a thing I see or say "Well... Where I'm from we...."

Anyways, I am itching to break my guns out. Sounds like Francis Marion has some public ranges? Is that the skinny?

Also, keep an eye on the classifieds, I think I am going to try and off load some stuff that I collected up in AK.



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You are right, Twin Ponds (or is it Twin Pines, I forget) is up 17N. I used to shoot there a ton, and it was nicely renovated a few years back, but being a public range it is vulnerable to typical problems (a little sweeping, a few shot televisions, etc). However, it is the closest outdoor range to IOP.


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Welcome to the Zoo!

Yes there are some ranges in Francis Marion.
Boggy Head and Twin Ponds.
Both are nice ranges.