Afganistan Bound


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i claim all 13 of Grace and "my" grand kids and most of the time i claim "our" kids, but these 2 are something else.
im talking about Terry and Chris.
Terry is a West Point Graduate. He came back from Iraq, Tikrit, a Captain.
Chris came back from Bagdad and is now a Staff Sargeant.

Thing is, they were there at the same time for 4 months.
Well, bless her heart, Grace has told me that Chris is going to Afganistan near winter and Terry is going to Afganistan mid winter. they will both be there at the same time for maybe 8 months. Im thinking she is going to be a wreck and would really appreciate any and all prayers.

Im just proud as punch.

Just talked to Chris and he is happy about what he has a choice in. His Battle Rifle. you guys have got to check this out.We got he and i each an AR-10 when he got back from Iraq and although its not auto we both love them.

I wonder how much i can get a semi for? Bob? take payments?


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Your boys (all "our boys") get my church's prayers every week. You well should be proud.

On the video, that FA M14 is brutal!