AFD War Stories


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Let's post any April Fools Day war stories here. As the forum category says, totally unrelated (but related to shooting is even better!) Who doesn't like a good laugh!

Please, keep it to the jokes. We don't need to be reminded about the fools that are in the news everyday.

I must admit, until nerdwithguns pointed it out, I hadn't thought about what day this Sunday was.


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Brady Bunch admits they were wrong

Earlier today, The Brady
Center to Prevent Gun Violence, known as The Brady Bunch by gun rights activists, announced that they had been wrong this entire time. They declared that gun control laws do not work, they effectively empower criminals by disarming victims. To this end they now feel that legalizing carry for all and making it easier for everyone to obtain firearms is the best way to prevent gun violence.

It is unclear at this time as to what has brought about this radical change in policy. But many gun rights activists are welcoming the brand new Brady Center with welcome arms, while others are wary, believing this to be merely a prank or perhaps the drunken rambling of an intern. Still others believe there may be some monetary encouragement for the change.

They are pointing out that the Brady Center has been struggling financially for some time now, as donations to the group continue to dwindle. Meanwhile support for the gun rights movement continues gain traction and momentum at astonishing rates.

Having suffered a number of defeats and only securing a few temporary victories over the last several years. It would appear as though gun control efforts are becoming vastly unpopular with Americans.

What's more, The Brady Center has lobbied president Obama to announce a new national holiday, one which to celebrate open carry. While still quite controversial, open carry is gaining popularity. With cases such as the event at a Waffle house where two individuals openly carrying effectively deterred an armed robbery. Police say that the robbers sent a scout into the restaurant, who then reported back to his accomplices that there were armed men having dinner inside. Feeling that this created a situation far too dangerous for them, they agreed to wait outside for the carriers to leave. During this time a sheriffs deputy spotted the individuals inside a van and managed to arrest all without incident. Several news agencies subsequently reported that the men were armed with glocks and AK-47s.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

In other news, President Barrack Obama has announced his resignation...