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I have recently come across some "found money" and have been contemplating adding a laser sighting system to either my Ruger LCP or my Taurus 650 (J-frame .357 mag). I carry these about as equally often. I am leaning towards the LCP for a couple of reasons:
1) I often add the LCP in addition to the J-frame as a bug.
2) I am pretty accurate at longer distances with the J-frame than the LCP.
3) I know that I would not have to change holsters by adding the laser to the LCP but not sure if the J-frame grips will clear my current IWB.

Another option is to get Crossbreed holsters for both guns or Kholster holsters for those two and my 9mm carry piece.

I also could just hold on to this money and keep saving until I can afford to add another toy the collection.

So let's hear the wisdom & sage council that my fellow forum members have to offer!

Midnight Raver

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Since you shoot better with the Taurus, go for the laser grips on the Ruger. Having the laser and being mag fed, you would be able to reload it and get on target faster for additional shots. If you needed to, of course.

And yes fordnut, everyone should have a 1911- or two. :lol:


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I have been considering one for my 1911 , They're great for fast target acquisition so I second the laser grips.


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Have you seen the video that Crinson Trace puts out? Dealers give them away. I had one and I passed it on....but, it shows you a lot about training with the lazer grips...Very good onfo.

After I saw the video is when I put them on my Kimber...They are great if you use them as you should....Of courseyou know how I cat l;oves to chace the red light...LOL

Laser sights are a good option but have thought about adding sights?

I am bias but this is what Phillip does to the LCP, TCP and Second Generation Keltec.

Tritium front sight and custom built plain notch rear sight with one finger cocking serrations.


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Is the battery difficult to change on Crimson Trace grips?
How stable is the point of aim with them?


My CT grips were dead on arrival with my CDP. Called up CT and they had me another set on the way immediately with no questions asked. Changing the battery was as easy as unscrewing the grips from the frame and popping the battery out. Definitely some of the best customer service of any company that I've dealt with!

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