ABC's of Reloading


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I have The ABC's of Reloading 7th edition in PDF format. Not sure if I can even upload it to anyone, but if you would like me to try to send it to you I can try. PM me and I will try. Note: please if it works check on your end and run a virus scan before opening. I will have ran 4 seperate scans before it sends. But crap happens, and I would not want anyone mad at me.

Due to the extra large size of the PDF FILE I had a whole lot of trouble in sending it to one of the users on this forum. I just hope he got it and it was all there. Anyway I am sorry, but I can not send it again. Maybe one day I can break it into a text document, and then I can try again.

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Getting started in reloading

Old threads have a habit of resurfacing with the arrival of new members, it's actually funny and cool- even better, new info can come to light on subject matter. :idea:

I was doing the same thing on a Forum where I first met Frost back in june of 2006, I was freaking everybody out digging up ancient threads! :lol:


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My mistake

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I don't know what I did or how it happened to get the post here. No doubt I did something wrong. The post was supposed to go or so I thought at the beginning of the Reloading section, for all to see.