A thought on a local gun shop


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I found myself in Michigan this earlier this week for business, and stopped into the Cabela's store not far from my hotel. I've heard they were cool, so I figured it would be a neat way to burn an evening.

I cannot find an expletive free statement to describe how amazing that store was. They had more guns than every gun shop in the low country combined from cheap Nagant pistols to a $40,000 custom built rifle. That inventory exceeded 1,000 guns, easily.

Truth of the matter is, when asked if I wished we had one here . . . a few thoughts rolled around in my head.

Selection is great, but I could not help but notice the "please take a number/now serving #" device. At East Coast Guns, I feel like it takes me a couple of minutes to say hi/bye to the entire staff.

I believe the Friends of the NRA banquet (April 14th, get your tickets) is one of the best firearm events of the year, and East Coast has been a pretty staunch supporter since they opened. It's why I started shopping there. They act as an HQ for the volunteers that organize that event, and provide the headache of managing the transfers. Seriously, get your tickets.

The women only Glock shoots? The creator, Lisa Marie, works there when she isn't swamped teaching people like me how to shoot.

I trust Dale Hanna to keep me from ruining guns and transform my mutts into purebreds.

I have never been lead astray, talked down to, blown off, or passed over for a better sale. I tease them, they tease right back.

In short, I cannot claim to have seen every gun shop in the world, but I've seen a bunch of them. There is something special about that place. If you haven't gotten to know them, you ought too. From owner to part timers that place is staffed by a great crew.

Also, if you are near a cabela's, you should check it out, it's a nice place to visit, but it certainly isn't home.


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my parents live 15 minutes away from the one in hoffman estates so i stop there every visit. their mounts put most museums to shame. there's a mountain with just about every animal in north america on it and 2 aquariums in it. they even have an afican display with a lion attacking a zebra, and a full elephant next to a giraffe. quite impressive. only thing I didn't care for was when I wanted to look at a LCP the guy said, "ok, but I don't know why, cause you can't buy it" after seeing my SC CWP.


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Cabela's is the shizznid baby. Strange, come to think of it I don't really look at the firearms.
However I carry one of their credit cards for a reason - bonus points!