A New Toy 29-2 Nickel .44 Magnum S&W


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congrats on the .44 Mag, I shot one a few months ago. very well made gun.
You will definately know you have an edge in a fight (only another .44 will come close to it.)

:mrgreen: <== green with envy

lafayette gregory

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Can't see those pics. Have to register at that site. Give us some details. What is the barrel length?
I have an anaconda and love it. Not something ya carry, but alot for fun to shoot.


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What I got is a model 29-2 S&W .44 mag. It has a 6" barrel and a Nickel finish...The gun was made around '78 to '80...I don't believe it has been fired much. It has no turn marks on the cylinder...It is beautiful...

If I had the box and papers, I would judge it at 95%...or better..

I fired it last Sunday with light reloads the fellow I got it from made. It shot like a dream, with less kick than my .45 Kimber....but, that was with light loads...Next time I fire it will be hot loaded...Then we will see how the 6" barrel calms down the recoil...

I will have it at the ShootzenFest...anyone wants to try her, come on...



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Beautiful gun for sure! There is something about those N frame Smiths. I love em. Too bad I only have a M629 mountain gun. Wish I could afford more. :-(