9mm Dilema

My dad just picked up a Taurus PT24/7 Pro C 9mm on the cheap an he offered to trade it to me for my CZ P-07 Duty. Been sitting he staring at both and just can't decide. He really just wants something for home defense, so either would work for him.

If I keep the Taurus, I think it will be my new carry gun. So I might have a Bersa Firestorm for sale.

Any insights/ thoughts on which gun to keep. would help.
They both fit in the hand well. I think I've decided to keep the Taurus, give my dad the CZ and sell my Bersa, then put that money down on one of the new Smith and Wesson 1911 E models


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If I remember correctly the 24/7 series pistols offer the ability to provide a second hammer strike in case it goes "click" instead of bang when you need it, a big plus for a carry gun in my opinion.....