$99 Marlin 795 @ Dick's


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I stole this from another forum - this sale goes until Saturday.

check their sunday flyer.

looks like they got marlin 795's for 99 bucks after rebate.

also they got NEF Pardner Protector 12ga for 179, which looks like a good price.

i remember i almost bought one of those once and read they're 99% clone of the rem 870.

i wish i had some spare money on hand


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I bought one of those Marlin 795's. great little plinker for the money.
I took it to the ShootzenFest.
I even bought a scope for it. The top of the receiver has a rail that will hold a scope made for a .22
The Marlin website says it comes in 22Mag too. I don't think the .22Mag is available for the sale.
I need another plinker. My .22 collection is too small anyway. ;)
I recommend it.



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I think that I might go check one out tomorrow. It does look like a great deal & I have liked both of the Marlin rifles that I have had. And you can't go wrong with a .22, they are always fun to plink with!


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My 795 is my favorite .22 rifle. It's dead on accurate and has one of the sweetest out of the box triggers you could ask for such a cheap price. Gotta love Marlin.


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I went and fondled them when they were on sale, They were just too small for me. That means nothing except they weren't to my taste. I like a more full stock, but I am 6'6" so a lot of smaller things don't fit me right when they may fit many.

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Heard that!

Different problem for me sometimes. I'm same height with short arms. Can't even rack Dad's 12 gauge properly, damn thing is so big. I swear that pump foregrip is in another zip code, it's so far out there!!! :oops: