6 year old pat down.


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Have y'all seen the video of the six year old being patted down by TSA?

This really got my blood boiling today. I hope that I do not have to fly anywhere in the next years where we are still doing this. For one, if someone puts their hands gloved or ungloved down my daughters pants I will end up in jail. This girl was only 6. My daughter is 3. Second, doesn't the Constitution prevent unreasonable search and seasure?

Today I have heard many claims that they are doing their job and the people that are trying to kill us would use a child this way. My comment to them is: Was this child or her parents for that matter showing any signs of discomfort or excessively loose clothing? Was she walking funny or acting abnormally? Were the mother and father displaying any signs of nervousness? Well the last question may be yes when they told them that they were going to pat down the girl.

I did a search on children used for terrorism. Some things came up. But I couldn't find a reason for this.

A solution could be that our government should have allowed the militarty to do their job and not [email protected]##$ Foot for the past years.

Sorry people for the rant. I could really go on about this.


After my feelings of outrage subsided sadness crept in. It's over the realization that this country continues to slide deeper down into the abyss.

TSA - another wonderful federal government entity comparable to the Dept of Energy and Education.

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Undocumented pedophiles, molesters, deviants and what have you most certainly flocked to any and all openings the TSA had for employment positions. It would be a dream job for any and all that would want to do such things, and all legal improper physical contact with either same sex or underage subjects. This procedure is needless and unethical- plenty of other places do not use them and have better security. Like it or not, profiling is more effective and actually works. The truth hurts, but it is just that simple.

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This really makes me angry. A smart terrorist wouldn't even attempt to put a bomb on a plane. I wonder, do they work really hard to get a bomb past security OR do they blow up the congested security checkpoint, causing fear of airports/flying? IMO, no added security measures will improve safety past security. After 9/11, people fight back when they think someone's going to try to take down the plane.


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You know if "we the people" had been armed there would have been no planes crashing into buildings...


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Well as much as I hate to admit it, you realy cannot blame the TSA. I worked at the airport for over 13 years and was there when they first came in and took over the checkpoints. They are "governed" for want of a better word, by the politicians in DC, They are NOT allowed to pick who they search. Somebody (probably a flaming liberal) came up with a program that lets the airline companies computer pick who gets searched. There is a code on the ticket that advises the TSA screener who gets the "special" treatment. So there is no profiling (god forbid) we don't want to insult anybody. I mean it COULD be a 6 year old terrorist :roll: About the only problem is how it was carried out, the child SHOULD have been taken into the screened off area for the pat down,, HOWEVER,, did it ever occur to anyone that the mother/father did not want it,,, this way they could get publicity/compensation, ect???? Reason I say this is because when I was there and a juvy was "selected" the parent was asked if they wanted the pat down in the screened off area.


C_Carson said:
Frost said:
You know if "we the people" had been armed there would have been no planes crashing into buildings...
But But we have the police to protect us :? Why should we be armed??
They are taking away all the things that made this country great. There should be a national open or CCW law, and not every state have a different law shiite! This Country USED to be a NATION and I don't like the direction we are headed.
People like Nancy Jokeolozi (Polozi or however you spell it) and our President Curious George (Obama) are working hard everyday to support the weak and kill the strong. They have no clue what REAL LIFE IS.

Rant over.


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If the obamination would assign a detail of Secret Service agents to protect me and my family I would not feel the need to be armed.


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Bdbys59 said:
: About the only problem is how it was carried out, the child SHOULD have been taken into the screened off area for the pat down.
Are you serious??? Because I really can't imagine that anyone could be okay with them patting down a 6 year old, but take issue with them doing in an open area. Please clarify for me.