.577 Tyrannosaur


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what in the world would you shoot with that thing?

It looks like it would drop an elephant or even a whale with a single shot.

Of course if you survived the kick you'd qualify to wear a T shirt that says.
" I shot the Tyrannosaur "


Midnight Raver

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That's for certain! Yeah, in this day and age it is an overkill luxury item. I guess it counts for bragging rights to those from the Tim Allen "More Power" school of philosophy.


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Don't they sell a Thompson Contender chambered in .308? I know the come in .22 and .223.

I have always liked that Taurus Judge too. I know a woman where I work who has one and she loves it. She is not a petite woman, but still no RollerDerby Queen either.
She says it is not bad to shoot at all. I gues you can select the .410 shells you want to use in it. There are likely some lighter loads.

Taurus Judge


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I shot one, off handed. Perfect shot at 500 yds.

J/K, Would love the chance to shoot that monster, ONCE.