$500 Arsenal AKs


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Yes they are falling and the end is not in sight.
I personally expect them to reach pre-obamination levels.
They will reach a point where all the people who have been waiting will start buying and the price will start rising.
But I don't think the price will reach the point it peaked at before.


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The one I got looks really nice.
What they actually are is converted Saiga rifles.
I could not convert one for what I paid or at best it would have been a wash.

I have not shot it yet.
For a little over a hundred more than a Romanian I think it's a bargain.
I am no AK expert but I have converted a couple of Saiga 12s.
What I can tell you is that a monkey smoking crack could field strip one.

Something I have noticed about the SGL I recieved.
I don't think I am going to be able to get the cleaning rod out.
It appears to be blocked by the sight tower, but I actually like that.
I would not have used it anyway and being blocked I can't lose it.

Other than that the fit and finish are on par with any of the Saiga rifles I have seen.

If you are thinking about an AK shop carefully.
Prices continue to drop slowly.


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Are you planning to post any photos of the AK project?
I'd like to see them. I saw them right after you received them, but not since you started to finish them out.

I haven't given up on an AK. I need to shoot one and do some research, though, before I spend any money on one.


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I am a slacker when it comes to pictures.
I will post some of the Saiga 12 conversion.
Look for them in the next week or so.
The trigger guard should be here Monday or Tuesday.

The wood work I am currently doing is nothing exciting.
All I am doing is using Acetone and Steel wool to strip off shellac so I can stain and apply urethane.


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Arsenal is top of the line when it comes to AK. 6-8 months ago I saw them as high as $1500 or more. $500 is a real good price on one. With WASRs at $300-$350 I would save and get the Arsenal. If you ever decide to sell, it will give you a better return.


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K-Var still has them
They have gone up a bit and they are now saying that the price is going back up in Dec. 7 (I think)
But you can still get one for $550 or so.