5 new bitter clingers from VA - Moved to CLT suburbs

I am a mostly recovered (damned) yankee from ILL-ANNOY. After 10 years in VA I figured I'd improve my lie by coming down to the deeper south. I was quite active in pro 2A thangs in VA and I would like to help the cause down here too. I love the SC history full of people who don't sit by for tyranny and .gov overreach.

I was the catalyst for the VA Atty. General overturning every single public university's unconstitutional gun "prohibitions" right before I left. Call it a going away present for my VA citizens, lol.

I am a reloader and pretty weak handgun competitive shooter. I do well with long guns and I love 3 gun, BUT THERE IS NONE WITHIN AN HOUR OF CLT!?!? It boggles me.


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Welcome to the forum. Does the Virginia connection mean you are a member of VCDL? I get their newsletter and enjoy the hoopla they stir-up a lot. We could use the same type of organization here, now that Grassroots has bit the dust.



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Welcome to the forum.
Where in IL are you from? I grew up in So WI right along the border in the Rockford and Harvard areas. Several of my IL friends and relatives already have or are in the process of moving to WI so they can get a CWP without having to become Ben Dover, as my brother put it LOL.


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Typical White Person, you seem... familiar, lol.

Glad you could make it. Help us fight for the gun rights South Carolina needs!