450 Bushmaster AKA "The Thumper"

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I sold two of my toys over the past few days that I havent touched in months and decided to celebrate by buying myself a lightweight hard hitting deer gun. I took my 18lb precision rifle in the stand and I swore I would never do that again. I have been hunting with Clay's youth .308. Every review I have read says it is anywhere from Sub to MOA gun with the hornady 250 gr SST bullets. I honestly only plan to sight it in and hunt with it so I havent decided if I want to reload for it yet based on the reviews of the ammo. Think I am going to buy 3 boxes of ammo and call it good. I bought the 16" model after I talked with bushmaster he said I would only get about 40FPS going with the 20". My buddy has one and loves it and I held it today. OMG it weighs nothing. Cant wait to get it Monday and see what it will do. A couple reviews says it knocks the deer sideways when it hits. It leaves the muzzle at 2700 FT LBS of energy. Thats like getting hit by a train.



http://www.hornady.com/store/450-Bushma ... evolution/


Wow it's not enough that the deer come right up to your stand and try to eat from your hand now you gotta whack 'um with the hammer of Thor!

I mean damn man how dead do they need to be before you put them in the truck? I thought DNR banned the use of the 450 on game animals in SC due to collateral damage to nearby non game species.

You know if you stack up say 5 pallets and lay prone on them it'll put you at chest level with a deer. Then you simply wait for 4 of them to line up one behind the other and with one shot from the mighty 450 you've filled your doe tags for the season.

OK, OK - really I can't wait to see it, it should be pretty sweet and I've thought about buying a 450 upper more than once.

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Clicker, I know you cant wait to shoot that bad boy....I am just going to say that we have to shoot full auto just once. At a $1.37 a round we def wont do more than 3 round burst. lol...

Funny about the pallets. With that being said I am the biggest woos when it comes to cold so my back yard has a 10' fully enclosed/heated hunting blind sitting in it right now. We are getting the property bush hogged right now and then we are going to put it up. Its going to be comfy hunting for this guy with my new gun. I am high on the hog.

Blind and Window Kit
http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/4 ... x?a=864396


http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/c ... x?a=483989
All you need now is a satellite feed, and you can shoot them or "choot 'em" during the commercial breaks ;-)

You better have a thermocell added to the list, the mosquitoes have invaded big time here after the last rains... the "galanippers" (gallon nippers) are on the warpath in Berkeley County. Some are big enough to require flight lights and tail markings. When we planted last week I had knots all over my shoulders from the onslaught.


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Dude....thermocell is like amex. Never leave home without it...I even know how to scam the system. The butane cartridges are $3 cheaper per pack if you go to salleys beauty supply and buy them for the butane curling irons.
Oh By-The-Way. I have some of those .452 bullets for muzzleloading using Sabots.. My muzzleloading "smokeless powder" blackpowder rifle has about the same velocity with the 250 Gr SST's. I haven't had an opportunity to perforate anything with it yet. :-(

I have 2 or three styles of bullets, Hornady SST's and possibly some Barnes. If you want a few to play with on your reloader, I can spare some. That way you can "refill" your sight-in brass.

Anything leaving a .452 hole has got to be brutal....