45 cal ARs and uppers


If it uses grease gun mags it won't fit the lower. Oly has a 45acp upper that will work but extra mags are a bitch to find and expensive when you do. I think the mags are 45 Uzi mags or some such odd ball piece.

On the other hand my Oly 9mm upper runs great so I know their system works. The weak part is the ejector spring set up.


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i called and the guy i talked to knows my lower is a machine gun, well if he knows what select fire means.

he said the modified grease gun mags will fit.

send an email and you ask them. i may have been missunderstood.




Well your OP didn't have a link to the Bazooka Bros system but I see now that's what you're asking about. I've never shot one of them but have read good things about the system.

Their website doesn't really give any details on the mags (that I could find) but if they claim they fit an unmodified 5.56 AR15 lower then you're good to go.
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Maintenance would probably be more than an old hoser like me could afford.
Lube alone would cost a fortune. Not to mention the time it would take to keep it rubed down. Cleaning it could be fun though!