338 Spectre Barrel build Party - Join the fun

UPDATED 5/19/20

After having my barrel blanks cut down (2 x 32"L McGowen SS .338 caliber 6.5 twist) by Palladin Machine(tp555) I will have 3-4 10.5" "Shorty" 338 Spectre Barrels left over.

Previously, I was trying to get commitments on the barrels, and one person has committed to date. So, I'm impatient and decided to move forward with the build.

These barrels will be available:

3 Qty Barrels with DPMS barrel extensions and RGUNS 6.8 Bolt Assembly.
Barrels with Bolt Assembly will be $325 Delivered TYD ConUS

1 QTY DPMS barrel extensions and phosphate BCG (Bolt carrier body stamped "TC," Bolt Assembly stamped "6.8") Photos can be provided.
Barrel with Bolt Carrier Group will be $375 Delivered TYD ConUS

Local purchase can take $25 off of prices for Face-to-Face transaction.

Throat on all will be set based on a stock SBR 300 Gr 338 Spectre subsonic round.
Gas block journals will be 0.750
Muzzle threads can be chosen prior to build, will be either 1/2" x 28TPI, or 5/8" x 24TPI (I have multiple thread adapters for my cans, and just like the beefier mount)

I'm waiting on deliveries for the Bolt Assemblies and a few odd parts for my personal builds. Once I have all in hand, I will get the blanks to Palladin Machine(tp555) and update the post when that happens.




1.) Brutis (300Bk Talk) Barrel & BCG
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