.327 Federal Magnum


anybody have any expereince or thoughts about the .327 Federal Magnum as a carry round?
it seems like a promising contender especially for smaller framed people who might not think they have the grip strength to hold onto a .357 Magnum.
not that they'd let it go in a life threatening situation, but for regular practice and a high comfort level it might be a reasonable alternative.

anyone shot or handled one?


I don't understand why it exists. It seems like a caliber that will not be around in a decade or so, making the guns as obsolete as .45 GAP (and soon-to-be .40 S&W and .357 SIG)

Does it serve a purpose? If .357 is too harsh then put .38 rounds in the gun. What am I missing about the Genesis of this caliber?


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Have I fallen asleep again?
What is going to be replacing the 40?
It seems to be the darling of law enforcement agencies.
Personally I thought they should have stuck with 10mm.

I am a firm believer in 45acp.
45 gap exists only to contaminate the worlds supply of 45acp brass.
As for 357 sig I don't know anyone who shoots it much less carries it.

I think the point Pops was making is that it might be more suitable for a person who felt 357 was too much for them and still be a magnum round with more umph than a 38 special.
I don't know anything about the round so I don't have an opinion personally other than it is not for me as I already shoot too many calibers.
After the ammo dry spells of years past I've noticed that, due partly to this, among other reasons, that .40 caliber handguns are being dumped in disproportionate numbers on all gun forums and gun shops. People appear to be ditching the .40 and consolidating with 9mm or .45

As for wanting something between a .38 and .357 I would think the obvious solution would be a .38 +P(+). I still don't get the development of a new caliber. Basically, I don't understand the question(s) that were asked for the .327 to be an answer.


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I am seeing large numbers of Glocks being sold on forums.
Does that mean that Glock is getting ready to be consigned to the history books?
People are selling their extra Glocks or perhaps selling their range gun and keeping their prize 1911.
Some people who bought them as high cap investments during the obamination induced gun rush are trying to cash out.

What is going on with 40 cal is the same thing.
There are just tons and tons of them out there often bought by someone who bought it because it is what the cops use.
They need to pay a bill and what do they sell?
The 40 they bought last year or Grandpas old 38 special.
Yes the economy is causing some people to consolidate calibers I fully understand that.
I have greatly reduced the number of calibers I reload and shoot.
But I do not accept that the 40 is a dying caliber even though personally I seldom shoot it.

45gap was a solution to a non-existent problem.

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It was either Guns & Ammo or American Rifleman that had an article on soon to be obsolete ammo. The 4o and 45 gap were mentioned as soon to be obsolete. The 45 gap has lost favor with LE and of the two I can see it making it to the wildcat list. On the other hand 40 cal is still a strong consumer round. Just about everyone manufactures a firearm in 40 cal. The 327 mag was designed for the CC community. Everyone wanted one after Ruger launched the SP101...even me. The only other manufacture that I know of that manufactured a 327 mag was the Charter Arms Patriot. I don't think the demand is out there to keep 327 mag ammo on the shelves. Not to worry though, the 327 chamber will fire 32 H&R mag, 32 S&W and 32 S&W long.


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I know that some consider modern 9mm ammunition to be sufficient to replace the 40.
Is that what they are expecting to replace it?
I don't believe 40 Short & Weak is going to be consigned to the dusty pages of history in some forgotten tome any time soon.


Yes, it was American Rifleman, about a year ago or so. I saw a multipage article about the .327 Magnum.

My question was: (drumroll please . . .) has anyone actually fired a .327?
I like the whole concept of a .32 round, as a concealed carry round and as a smaller handed round.
The reviews say it is a quite capable round with less recoil than the .357
One review I read, http://www.gunblast.com/Ruger-SP101-327.htm, the fellow shot a pork shoulder with it and it went 16 inches and out the other side. He cut the bullet path open and found it opened up about 7 inches into the meat.

I suppose one could make the argument that since we have a perfectly usable .45 ACP, why have even have a .10mm/.40 or a
.9mm/.380 in the first place? Well the answer is simple, money and compatability with the rest of the world. Money because if something like the .327 Magnum were to take off it would be very profitable for Federal. I'm sure they hold patent rights to something the other guys will have to pay to play. and compatibality so we can sell guns and ammo to all those other armies. hell, that'd money too wouldn't it? I guess it all boils down to money.



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Pops said:
Yes, it was American Rifleman, about a year ago or so. I saw a multipage article about the .327 Magnum.

My question was: (drumroll please . . .) has anyone actually fired a .327?..................
..............I guess it all boils down to money.




I have fired the new Ruger .327 revolver BUT........with .32 ammo. A friend just had to have one so he bought one but he couldn't find .327 ammo at the time so he did the best he could by using some old 32 stuff. The revolver is accurate and fun to shoot (as are all Rugers)but I haven't fired it since. I'll check to see if he has any ammo yet.

I have carried a revolver as a carry gun for over 30 yrs and it's chambered in 32 S&W Long. I feel confident that it will do the job as long as I hit what I need to with the first couple of shots. I have dispatched several whitetails after tracking them and have no fear that it won't do the job in a "need to shoot" situation so the 327mag should be quite sufficient in that regard.

As for the 40 going away ..............not gonna happen! Even if the cops and military stop using it. Just look at the 9MM and 45ACP! Most LE depts and armies worldwide have gone to other calibers and the 9mm and the 45 are still here and selling strong.

The 357sig was designed for sissies that couldn't handle the recoil of the 45 IMHO and the GAP was an answer to Glock's question.....How do we get 45 ACP power in a girlie sized grip. Nuff said.

In closing the question is WHY BUY A REVOLVER CHAMBERED IN .327 Federal Magnum??? Because it is there and is for sale!! Hell thats why I buy all my guns!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


In closing the question is WHY BUY A REVOLVER CHAMBERED IN .327 Federal Magnum??? Because it is there and is for sale!! Hell thats why I buy all my guns!!
Hit the nail right smack on the head!

I like the whole idea of a .327 Magnum and I'll probably buy one if I can find one.
I was just pondering the thought.

As for .40 going away? not any time soon. There are too many PD's using it and they're not likely to ditch their weapons and spend money on new .45's just because some magazine writer says he thinks this will be the case.
.40 is a very good round in a hi-cap pistol with a grip even a person with small can get their hands around.
On the other hand if anyone out there really wants to beat the flood of .40 caliber hanguns falling off the market, I'll offer you 10 cents on the dollar. Must be in good shape. ;)

And as always, the .45 is here to stay. .45 is probably the best all around pistol round ever made adn with so many people having 1911's in their collections we'll always have ammo somewhere.


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I have a Ruger SP101 327 and have shot 32 H&R Mag, 32 S&W Long, Fed 327 100 grain, Fed 327 85 GR low Recoil, & Speer 327 115 Gr HP's. The 115 Gr doesn't have any more felt recoil than my 38+P and there is zero recoil with the 32 Longs. I'm pretty sure the barrel on mine is a 2 1/2". It's fun to shoot, but depending on what your wearing, it's not always the easiest to CC, but it's nice to have so many choices in ammo and an extra round in the cylinder. I've only shot targets and water jugs so can't say too much about penetration, etc. My reasoning for buying a 327 over the 357 was I'm only giving up a little in bullet size, maybe 20 Gr and the thickness of a potato chip, to gain 300-400 fps and 150 ft lbs of energy. I thought that was a pretty good trade and so far I'm very happy with it, but I'm also partial to revolvers.


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This is on my short list of wheelguns to buy. I've been reading and looking at this cartridge since it first came out. It has many characteristics that appeal to my curious nature. I've handled the Taurus, Charter Arms and Ruger pistols but haven't had an opportunity to shoot one ,yet. I like the multiple cartridge aspect and the fact that it can be used by someone with progressively weakening hand strength. Yes, I have my wife in mind when I say that. I would like to get a 3" or 4" barrel because it would be a house gun. We don't need no good stinking reason to buy a new gun...we just need the desire and opportunity. :lol:


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The 357sig was designed for sissies that couldn't handle the recoil of the 45
From what I have learned, the 357 SIG was designed for long range flat trajectory, with ballistics similar to 357 mag. It's basically a necked down 40 casing. One so called advantage is that you supposedly could run 357 SIG and 40 in the same gun with just a barrel swap, same mags even. Sort of like the 223 / 300 AAC deal.

With regards to the 327, I say as long as there is a market, it will be around. (You might not find it at Wal Mart, though.) I'm all for the development of new stuff to keep us entertained (and protected). I say go for it. Who would have thought at it's inception that the 40 would be so wildly popular? (You CAN find those at Wal Mart.)


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Thanks Bigfutz,
I'm in the low country and the subscription isn't something I want. I'll call some friends up there and see if they have access and proceed from there. I saw CDNN was having a sale on Taurus with 249.00 for the 3" stainless with pink grips. They just have such an awful trigger... more than 12lbs. :(


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CDNN sent out an email special on the Taurus 327 for $219. Credit goes to JRiddle for finding this deal. I couldn't find it on the CDNN Web site, so call them at 1-800-588-9500 if your looking to get into this caliber on the cheap.


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I have a Ruger SP101 coming from Bud's. I researched and found a lot of complaints about the Taurus developing a cylinder 'bind' after shooting various number of rounds. The pistols were sent back and repaired but a lot of time and hassle ensued. This happened to blued and stainless models. I have a range report when it gets here next week.