.300 win mag browning A-bolt


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.300 WIN MAG

...when you really need to reach out and touch someone.

I have had this rifle for about one year. It was used when I bought it. It is in good shape. Included is a tru-glo scope 3-9x50 with an illuminated 11 setting red ballistic reticle mounted on Leopold rings. Also rifle is shipped in a soft case with apx 38 once fired brass. I am including a freshly cooked desiccant bag and oiled up the rifle so as to preserve it during shipping. With Winny super X cheep ammo i was getting 1.5 groups all day long so long as i done my part. My Friend up north can get touching shots with his ammo but that may also be my shooting :oops:

Rifle also has a factory BOSS. You will have to play around with it to get the harmonics right depending on ammo. Go to Browning's site for more info. Also has swinging sling rings.

540$ With your FFL01 info and I will have it shipped to them via UPS. PLz also give me his/her phone number along with yours so that we can confirm everything without the complexities of internet commerce. If face to face i will drop price to 500$







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Not particularly but the cash made with this will help out with bills (unemployed 2 months) and purchase a Mosin 91/30 so that i will have at least one long range hunting gun that i DONT mind dragging into woods.


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For anyone that wants to pick it up in person you can also have the two boxes of ammo that i have left..winchester super x.

If someone would like to wheel and deal you can take 110 off the price if you include a mosin nagant 91/30.


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Beautiful rifle, sure wish I had the bank for it, get it in a second. Good luck with your sale.