3 guns for sale price drop


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Nov 27, 2010
1rst one is a glock 20 it comes with everything from factory and new nite sites with less than 300 rounds thru it $450.00 i also have 2 extra mags and a stainless steelguide rod for $500.00

2nd is a Tarus mod 905 5 shot 9mm with everything from factory plus wood grips less than 50 rounds thru it $315.00 obo

3rd is a Taurus mod 85 5 shot 38 spec with everything from factory plus wood grips with less than 25 rounds thru it $315.00 obohttp://s1104.photobucket.com/albums/h322/ghalm001/
trade id be interested in would be a dillion 550 with any caliber componentsjust a pipe dream i know
or a 20 gage pump
All guns will come with a holster and the mod 85 with speed loaders if the asking price is met.