.223 reloading supplies- at a bargain!

Cherokee Slim

New Member
At one time I thought for sure that I would get into loading .223 ammo for my AR's, but I just don't shoot them that much. Consequently, I have pretty much stuck with reloading for my pistol calibers only and have a lot of supplies that I don't need. What I have for sale is 4,000 Winchester Small Rifle Primers, 2,000 Hornady 55 grain bullets, 1,000 rounds of new Winchester brass and 3 pounds 10 ounces left in an 8 lb bottle of Ramshot TAC powder. All the supplies you need to load up quite a bunch of .223 ammo. I will sell the lot for $400 picked up in Anderson. At the lowest retail prices I could find, this is over $630 worth of components without adding in any shipping or hazmat fees. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks