.22 suppressor

HarperJt said:
I think a little dirty is good for a suppressor.
I think the manual that came with my Innovative can said that it was unnecessary to clean the inside surfaces of the monocore. I need to pull it out and see exactly what it says.

It is important to periodically disassemble the suppressor to clean the inside of the tube and the outside of the monocore. I got a little lazy with mine and found it hard to take apart when I finally got around to cleaning it.


Silencer co. does not provide cleaning instructions other than after every 1000 rounds. They do however suggest cleaning whenever opened despite round count. I believe it has to do with the way the inner tubes connect to the mono core, in order to get a good seal. I really just wanted to get an ideal how dirty it would get. Like i said got the inner tubes cleaned off and some of the fouling on the mono core didn't really worry about the lead. The first round pop is pretty loud on the sparrow so I'm not really interested in getting it to new can status every time to cut down on this.

Tiger I have seen people using a product called fire clean for the application your referring to.


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well, i fired a few rounds in the backyard.

ya got to love fate. first i learned my "trip" for the 22 upper which makes the machine gun run is broken. its still good on semi.

then i havent found the replacement i think i have.

but i was very happy with the can on my, our, ok my wifes P-22. regular bulk packs and i have some 710 fps cci that are just ...quiet.