2010 NRA Annual Meeting


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Just returned from NRA Annual Meeting......UNBELIEVEABLE!!! 400 Vendors, 70,000 people, largest meeting in Charlotte. Was there most of today and plan on going back tomorrow. If you were thinking about going, you need to go. Great Show!!


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I went this morning and it was a terrific time!

there were a tremendous amount of people there by the time I left.
All fireamr vendors are set up and there's a ton of information.

Sara Palin spoke yesterday and Chuck norris is speaking today, I think.

Ted Nugent is supposed to be there too.

If anyone is in the area and want's to go, I recomment it highly.

All you need to get in is your NRA membership card.
the website is http://www.nraam.com



I have pics to put up later . . . .


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Wife and I went on Friday. She bought a new purse. That's a CC purse. Most of the vendors had sold out on what I wanted. Did get a couple of C Product mags for the AR though. $8 for SS AR Mags...couldn't pass that up.


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I picked up a 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 27 from the Lone Wolf booth. I got a show price and saved on the shipping.
I spent some at the Glock boot, I got to see the new G20SF. It has a smaller backstrap tha takes a bit of bulk out of the grip. It's chambered in .45 and holds 10 in teh magazine. Goot feel, more like a G23 or a G19 than the full size .45/10mm versions.