Black Rifles 1st build


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I just picked up an bushmaster a2 and would like to build one from the ground up with a 20 in heavy bar for long range shots is there a web sight that will walk you thru each step so its right when your done ?


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I have never looked for a site like that. but, I would go to and look around. I know they have exploded drawings of a lot of weapons. I looked at teh AR-15 drawings once...

I have seen other places, but I don't remember then, but, read around on Lots of good information...

Good Luck


HHB Guns

New Member has step by step how to build ar videos. Thats how I learned and now I can do it with my eys closed.


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i checked out your site very nice i do have a ? whats your turn around on your dura coat jobs i seen a couple that i like very much ty for your time gary