13 years in LE and my first off duty altercation tonight..


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+2+ Glad you are Alright! Kept your wits about you, and kudos to the guy who initially stepped in on your behalf!
Back-up was solid, too.

'What the World is coming to' is just what you had happen--cockroaches are our future unless they are stamped out.

To your question---I expect either, or both of us, would've been shot, perhaps to Death. Glad it didn't come to that for you, or him. He is a BG, lock 'em up.

Well done, sir, and appreciate your service and exemplary conduct under adversity. I would never willingly trade places.

We fall back onto our training---so we must train.


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I am glad it came out well for you.
It was outstanding of that guy to assist you.
It is a sad state of affairs when losers think they can attack an officer and get away with it.
Glad to hear he is going to get what he has coming to him.


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Henry...Glad you are OK....Tight Situation. Sounds like you followed your training...On a bright note...bet you missed some of that weight you used to have...LO
Your helper did a great job...

I would always be afraid that in a battle like what you had, I would lose my gun. To me that is a very real problem. Sure don't want to arm someone that has alread proven he is stupid....

I think that is the reason that I wear the IWB Holster...

This also shows us that you have to know what is going on around you and what can escalate into a bad situation...