10-year-old trick-or-treater pulls gun


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My God, if you have children around BUY A SAFE. If not that at least put a lock on a closet. If you cannot control your children, grands, whatever, we all pay.

These are the kinds of stories that get the Anti-2nd groups all fired up.

The General

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Hmm. You're approached by a person large and stronger than yourself. You're carrying valuables. They state that they intend to take said valuables from you without your consent. Are you authorized to use deadly force to prevent a crime?

Ironically, yes....

Don't mess around with South Carolina - Our kids are TOUGH...

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They said it was the Grandfathers.

Question to the group: Who would you hold responsible? The young kids? The parents? The Grandfather?

My answer is both the parents and the grandfather. The parents for not teaching this kids about right and wrong (they are old enough to know) and guns and the grandfather for not securing his.


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Bad as it sounds, teaching your kids right and wrong is not upheld by law. The Grandfather, however, could be held responsible for leaving the firearm where I child can get it.