1 more Summerville shooter

Hello everybody! A buddy of mine told me about this forum so I figured I'd check it out. I'm active duty Air Force but have called South Carolina my home my whole life. I'm an avid reloader and a fan in general of anything that goes BOOM! Judging by a lot of the post I've read I'm sure I've seen most of you guys out at Boggy Head at some time or another, usually shoot out there on Sundays.


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Welcome to our 'lil slice of the WWW. Glad to have ya.
I'm probably one of those BH regulars you've seen making noise. Maybe I should change my handle to "Window Screen" more folks would recognize me then.


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Welcome from Hanahan....

We have probably been there at the same time to shoot...

When Clicker is shooting...everything is full auto.. What he ment about the screen is...he always puts a big piece of screen up to keep the brass from running wild...



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Welcome to the forum. I shoot BH as well. I'm a little quieter than Fordnut and Clicker. My guns only fire once per trigger pull, so far.

As soon as I saw " window screen" I knew who you were. You guys were up there last Sunday. You guys always turn heads up there.