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    Massad Ayoob Coming to the Low Country

    Internationally Renowned Firearms & Self-Defense Training Instructor and Author, Massad Ayoob, will be conducting his ?ARMED CITIZENS? RULES OF ENGAGEMENT? Course at B.E.L.T. Training, LLC NOVEMBER 15TH-18TH Two Day Classroom ONLY November 17th-18th MAG-20/Classroom ? Armed Citizens? Rules of...
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    LEO Interaction while armed

    Recently, a client related an interesting story. It seems he was stopped by HP for speeding. When asked for his DL, our client advised the Trooper he was armed with two guns, one on his hip and one on his ankle. The Trooper appeared a bit befuddled, at which point our client added that he...
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    Subsonic .22's

    Ruger kmk10 and Aguila SSS.............WAY COOOOL! Not suppressed, but not loud. Accurate and they function flawlessly. these CORN, PLUM, GRAPE, PEAR, STRAWBERRY AND TOMATO STEALING SQUIRRELS are in trouble now!
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    Friends of the NRA Banquet April, 24th

    Fellow Firearms Enthusiasts, The Lowcountry Friends of the NRA is having a Banquet and Auction SATURDAY, APRIL 24TH, DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 PM Dorchester Shrine Club, Hwy 61, Summerville, SC *Live Auction - Silent Auction - Early Bird Special * **Games - Lowcountry Seafood Dinner w/ Cash Bar *...
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    If you like authentic japanese food with a touch of just different, this is the place to go. Jose and his wife have a small but dedicated following and a menu full of tasty, reasonably priced choices. located on hwy 17-a approx 1/2 mile north of summerville high school, next to the gas station:-)
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    Hello all, new to the forum but not to the area. We offer CWP Training and several Advanced Courses of instruction to new and experienced shooters alike. If I can be of service please let me know. Also visit our website at