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    AR 308 Short stroke

    Yes its a fixed a2 tube with magpul prs stock. Also you are correct with the issue I'm having and it's only with federal. It will fire just fine with pmc 308 in the mag. I saved the rounds that didn't fire and will try to shoot them the next time I go to the range.
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    AR 308 Short stroke

    Yes, it will manually feed and fire just fine, but the next round would not go off. I would have to try the forward assist the next time I go to the range. I guess I just have to use pmc 308 for now until I get the round count up.
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    AR 308 Short stroke

    I'm not sure which one they used but the barrel is marked 308win. BHW stated that both would work with the barrel but the whole 308 vs 7.62 isn't as clear as the 223 vs 556 issue.
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    AR 308 Short stroke

    Thanks for the reply. The problem is with the subsequent round. The initial round feeds and fires with no problem and I don't have an issue with pmc 308 ammo at all, It's just Federal m80 7.62x51. I had the headspace checked at carolina rod and gun before I took it to the range. Others suggested...
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    AR 308 Short stroke

    So i have finished my PSA 308 build which consists of: PSA stripped upper and lower PSA LPK DPMS BCG, rifle buffer, & spring BHW 20" with rifle gas system WC gas block So far it ran with no issues using pmc 308 ammo, but when I tried the federal m80 762 I ran into some FTF issues. A friend...
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    PSA PA-10 .308

    Finished my PSA 308 build.
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    Anyone in the lowcountry help headspacing an AR barrel

    I also need help with this with a 308 win barrel. Thanks
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    Need 308 Headspace checked

    I'm building 308 ar and need to have the headspace checked. Can anyone help or recommend a place to take it. The barrel is a black hole weaponry 308 win., and the bolt is standard dpms 308 bcg. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    PSA opening soon in Mt. P

    Any update on the opening day? I thought I saw something about this month.
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    PSA PA-10 .308

    Thanks for the link. I was getting confused with all the manufacturers and different patterns when it comes to the ar10 build. Now I'm researching the best buffer and spring combo with the magpul UBR stock.
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    PSA PA-10 .308

    I got the email on Friday and drove up from Charleston on Saturday to pick one up. I'm glad I did too because I don't see the lowers online anymore. This will also be my first 308 build so I'm in the research stage. It's kind of confusing with all the different patterns and manufacturers not...
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    WTS Nosler Reloading Guide 6

    I have a Nosler reloading guide that I bought a few months ago. I was looking for a particular load data and it wasn't in this book. I was looking to get $15 obo. Thanks
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    Anyone have reload data for 50 AE

    My manuals call for powders that I can't find locally for 300gr bullets. Does anyone have load data for 300 and 325gr bullets using powders other than Hodgon and Vihtavuori. Thanks
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    Online sources for reloading supplies.

    I always hit up your booth for primers at the gun shows. Lowest price locally compared to others.
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    Online sources for reloading supplies.

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I've driven all around charleston trying to find some reloading supplies and none of the stores have what I need. These online stores have everything at good prices.
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    Online sources for reloading supplies.

    I've been getting all my stuff off of midwayusa and wanted to see where others were shopping. I mainly need bullets and cast molds and can't find these in local stores. Thanks
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    HHB Guns Wrap

    Henry, i was on the side of you Saturday on Ashley phosphate and that truck is nice. The lift, wrap, and hearing that turbo diesel is a pure attention grabber. Good job.
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    chas, sc Blackhawk 1911 holster

    For sale is a blackhawk cqc 1911 holster. I found this under the seat of a car that I purchased. Asking $25. Thanks
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    Range time

    Went to twin ponds for the first time this past sat at 7:30 am. Had a nice time but is that place always as messy? Trash was all over the place and its was disgusting. There were 4 shooters out there and we spent about 10 mins cleaning up the large stuff.
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    WTB: Desert Eagle 50AE

    Thanks guys, I'll give them a call and see what they have in stock.