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    Black Rifles ar15?

    Hey snow. I have 2 DPMS's. Sportical and A-15. Super accurate! Only one failure in 3 years was due to using steel cased Wolf ammo. One of them broke the extraction rim off when the laquer coating melted in the chamber. This caused the empty case to freeze in so hard I HAD TO DRIVE IT OUT WITH A...
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    Stalked during my Walk today...

    He was definately up to no good. You on the other hand handled this very well. No doubt you have replayed the scenario so many times in your mind to try and think of other things you can do in the future should it happen again. Are you sure he did not see which house you live in? If he did he...
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    where to find bulk .223 in upstate

    I'm looking for good American brass .223 ammo No steel cased or forien stuff. Every where I go they are sold out. If I drive down to Sportsmans warehouse will they have it?
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    Trevons that have been killed and ignored by the media

    Man tells it like it is. I would be proud to serve in the trenches beside him. Thanks for the link.
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    redfield or nikon?

    Nikon has the most clarity. I once had a problem with a RF 3x9 that had a loose errector screw. They fixed it and sent it back but I never trusted it anymore. eventually the accuracy went south again so I just trashed it and bought something else. Nikno also makes the Buck master scopes. Man...
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    New Boom Stick for the collection....

    Yep, sound like the deer better start runnin now!
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    PSF Swap Meet

    Count me in. I've got lots of stuff I don't need anymore. Holsters, clips, brass, bayonet, etc.
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    Where do you draw the line?

    If it were my Liberal neighbor, I would let him defend himself with his golf clubs. Heck he has maybe 12 or 13 of them in his bag. After they run out he could throw golf balls till the cops show up. He would be fine! Just ask him. If it were any of my conservative neighbors, they would have...
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    CZ 52 Magazine SOLD!

    Came across one this week. First $20 gets it.
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    Black Rifles Black Rifle Storage

    Never store barrel up! Had a gunsmith show me how much business it generated for him because, over the years, oil would migrate into the action and cause sticky triggers and sears. Well i ignored this advice at first but then I had it happen to me with a rem 700 7mm mag. I pulled the trigger on...
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    Black Rifles Help with Choosing a First AR

    I do not have either of those choices but, my brother had the S&W. No problems with it. I think the Stag has the cool looks. Like the nicer fore arm and cool looking flip up sights. Either model is a good start. Get him into one of them so the poison can take effect. He'll be customizing and...
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    What will you miss if it all comes down?

    Healthcare. Because of Obammma, our insurance was changed to a high deductable. $5,500. We just can't afford to go to the doctor anymore. The American way of life has already changed. It will never be the way it was. I have lived a good life. Done and seen most of everything I ever wanted to do...
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    Ted Williams model 100 30/30 rifle for $72.50 cents
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    Doomsday Preppers show Teusdays @ 9:00pm

    On Nat. geo. Got some cool ideas from the two episodes last week. Coat eggs with mineral oil and they will keep in a cool dry place non refrigerated for up to a year and a half. They ate some 9 month old eggs on the show. Stay calm, it's only the community organizer. He only wants one more...
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    Got a little army started there. Congrats.
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    Greenville Gunshow 11-12

    I think I'll go as well. Missed the last 4 shows.
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    Is it just me?

    Through taxes, we have to pay China back on the loan they will take out to pay the settlement. They sue them, but we ultimately pay the price.
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    Yahoo Opinion Poll

    You really don't want to get on every list out there. It increases the chances of getting on the wrong one.
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    What would you do in a theoretical invation of the US?

    I would think most of us would fare better than the dumbed down masses. Thanks God I live on a dead end road in semi wilderness. The neighbors and I already have contingency plans in place. And guess what,,,,,No one lives forever. The book one second after is a good read.
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    Who's voting for Ron Paul Saturday?

    I was so frustrated i had resigned to voting for Ron Paul just so We could have our revolution.,,,,his cuts is what its going to take to turn this thing around but they will be so socialy unpopular there would be an uprising. Now I'm back with Newt after I talked to his daughter last week in...