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    Hey Y'all

    Just realized this place was back. I am in WNC now.
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    Pistol storage in Car ... e_Box.html I am considering one of these for the car. I dont want to have to worry about leaving a pistol in the car. And I want something is dumbarse, smash and dash proff. Something I can attatch to the center counsol or overhead? Anyone else got...
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    Summer entertainment?

    Other than range time - Whats everybody doing to get away, escape, o for general laughs and giggles?
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    WTB US made 38 revolver

    Would like to buy a reasonable priced "no collectables" 38 revolver with a short barrel. Maybe a 1980's charter arms 38 etc... Let me know what ya have and how much. Thanks Lafayette Found one- Thanks for the help guys and gals :D
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    Move to Belgium

    Full auto for everybody in Belgium! ... ide-the-us
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    Who knows when the NICS went into effect for long guns and shotguns? Thanks for any help.
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    WTB riding mower

    in the upstate greenville area. PM what ya have and how much Fixed my old one !
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    Looking for an sks. Tell me what ya want and I can bring it to shootzenfest. Albanians-425.00 Chinese 325.00 Russian refurb-455.00 Yugo-390.00 Romanian -415.00
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    Spread the word.

    I have posted the shootzenfest on several of the gun boards. How about you guys and gals checking into the events section of these boards and talk it up a bit. Thanks.
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    Upstate shooters

    Ok guys and gals how many upstate folks are goin to shootzenfest? I plan on going for the day and returning. If anybody wants to ride along and share the cost let me know.
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    CZ 82

    Who hasem? Do you use it as a carry weapon? What do you think of them?
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    Gunshow Greenville march 10&11

    Looks like there is a new gun show in greenville this weekend. Gunrunners is having it at the shrine club- 119 Beverly RD. Anybody going?
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    Fast CCW class ... r-3122654/ Anyone get their CCP from this guy?
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    New CWP procedure Did this get changed?
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    WTB glock 17

    WTB glock 17. Its for a friend who squeekes when he walks. So its got to be under 350 OTD-FTF. 1 gen is OK. Thanks for your considerations.
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    E foods direct

    E-Foods Direct has a sample pack of 6 meals that they will send you for just the shipping cost of $9.95;
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    Auh... Hmm... Duh.....

    Just sitting here today thinking just how boring a day today has become. Now don't misunderstand me, any day the sun comes up and I can feel it is a good day. But to day is very boring. Its to quiet to start some trouble. Its not cold enough to complain. The rain is over but it is quite cloudy...
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    Rossi ranch hand pistol

    Anybody own one of these? What ca you tell me about them?
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    Fixing electronics

    Anyone in the UPstate know someone who can fix a Garmin GPS. Looks like the connection at the cable input has lost its connection and will not recharge anymore.
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    Football games

    A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience. 'Oh, I really liked it,' she replied, 'especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why...