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  1. nightstryke

    Ammo Pricing Fall

    Just my luck, I buy a Mosin from @rotarymike and then all the ammo for it gets banned. Mike do you have a magic 8 ball or something?!
  2. nightstryke

    Ammo Pricing Fall

    Yup this hasn't changed, but Russian Ammo has been banned for at least 12 months according to the documentation, but the reasoning is bullshit, it's just an excuse to take Ammunition out of the hands of the poor and middle class.
  3. nightstryke

    Ammo ban

    Link to the actual announcement: I'm not happy about it, I understand their reasoning, but it seems too convenient with the current President's Gun Control Agenda just to be...
  4. nightstryke

    Ammo Pricing Fall

    Oh it's true, look at YouTube, tons of videos about it, apparently it was done by Executive Order by Commander Asleep at the Wheel.
  5. nightstryke

    WTB S&W Model 10 or Pre Model 10 .38 S&W Special

    As the title says I'm looking for one in the Charleston and Surrounding Area, not looking for a Safe Queen, looking for a work horse. Might consider trades if I have what you're looking for, but send me offers if you think you have what I'm looking for. Reasonable Offers Only Please
  6. nightstryke

    Happy to be here

    Alright, Welcome to SC!
  7. nightstryke

    Happy to be here

    Just double checking, you can never be so sure.
  8. nightstryke

    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    Yup August 15th is the day for Open Carry with SC CWP (Or Valid Reciprocal CWP)
  9. nightstryke

    Happy to be here

    Welcome to SC, please do not bring the standard NY Voting Habits with you.
  10. nightstryke

    SOLD Smith and Wesson M&P shield 45. Charleston $450

    Please post this here:
  11. nightstryke

    Favorite Shotgun

    Well if it's shotguns we own I guess my old Stevens 67E is my favorite, I prefer a pump shotgun over the single shot hatfield break open I have.
  12. nightstryke

    SD9VE trigger upgrade?

    Well sometimes non-standard or aftermarket upgrade parts require some "fitting" generally I wouldn't take a dremel to it right away, but to each their own. I'd sand it down by hand instead of using a dremel right away.
  13. nightstryke

    I love my country.

    Interesting to see how things will go from here.
  14. nightstryke

    SOLD: Mosin Type 53 with Russian stock and original stock $300

    While the Chu Stock looks ROUGH, I have seen far worse.
  15. nightstryke

    SC Constitutional Carry and Open Carry

    All the crying whining Libby's have stated that if they see anyone Open Carrying they're calling the Cops on said individuals. So most likely if you Open Carry often you'll be stopped and asked to provide credentials, but if it happens more than a couple times then it's not asking for...
  16. nightstryke


    Problem with TIG Welders is the Gas and the Welder itself are EXPENSIVE. If I don't have to weld Firearms give me a good old stick Welder or a Flux Core Wire Welder any day!
  17. nightstryke

    SOLD: Mosin Type 53 with Russian stock and original stock $300

    There's been no update on this, sent you a PM.
  18. nightstryke

    Legal Question

    Because: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Fixed it for you. ;)