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    WTS - Remington Micro 7 300 AAC Blackout Pm sent
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    Colt Diamondbacks

    I have 2 colt diamondbacks for sale or trade AS A PAIR not interested in spliting them up. the first is in 38spc and has a 6inch barrel Has some speckling surface rust on the barrel was rated by local gunsmith at 85% or better does not have original grips or box. 2nd up is a 22lr these are...
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    LMT AR-15 South Carolina**SOLD**!!!

    LMT AR-15 South Carolina(upstate) I have a colt diamondback 38 with 6inch barrel in about 80% condition I might be interested in trading.
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    Arsenal slg-21 (pics up)

    Not sure about the stock but I am guessing wasr. Located in travelers rest Really just looking to trade.
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    Arsenal slg-21 (pics up)

    Will trade for a couple of glocks no 40cals or 357sigs. 9mm and 45 models only.
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    Arsenal slg-21 (pics up)

    Arsenal slg-21 I have a like new arsenal slg-21 no box but has 2 mags and a ultimak railed gas tube. Looking for a ar15 mostly but what have you got?
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    Glock 21sf with nights sights (reduced now 400.00)Gone

    Glock 21sf with nights sights (reduced now 400.00) Up
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    Glock 21sf with nights sights (reduced now 400.00)Gone

    I have a nice glock 21sf with night sights comes with box and 2 mags. 400.00
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    Ruger SR 556

    I would email but you did not list your email address. Where are you located?
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    OD green glock 27

    My father in law has a like new OD green glock 27 has less than 100rds fired. He is looking to get 625.00 FTF or plus shipping (dont shoot the messanger) He is open to trades but only FTF for now. I will get pics up wed or thurs when im over his place but like i say it looks new.
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    Like new sig Sp2022

    I dont have any pm's not really interested in colt's im a smith guy.
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    Like new sig Sp2022

    Upstate sc
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    Like new sig Sp2022

    I have a like new sig SP2022 in 40cal im looking to move. Less than 100rds fired and comes with 1 mag and box and papers. Looking for 350.00 FTF
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    Norinco model D sks and S&W M&P 45acp...

    S&W M&P 45acp less than 200rd fired standard sights. 550.00 Norinco Model D sks takes ak mags you will be hard pressed to find one in this shape. 500.00