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    AR 308 Short stroke

    So i have finished my PSA 308 build which consists of: PSA stripped upper and lower PSA LPK DPMS BCG, rifle buffer, & spring BHW 20" with rifle gas system WC gas block So far it ran with no issues using pmc 308 ammo, but when I tried the federal m80 762 I ran into some FTF issues. A friend...
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    Need 308 Headspace checked

    I'm building 308 ar and need to have the headspace checked. Can anyone help or recommend a place to take it. The barrel is a black hole weaponry 308 win., and the bolt is standard dpms 308 bcg. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    WTS Nosler Reloading Guide 6

    I have a Nosler reloading guide that I bought a few months ago. I was looking for a particular load data and it wasn't in this book. I was looking to get $15 obo. Thanks
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    Anyone have reload data for 50 AE

    My manuals call for powders that I can't find locally for 300gr bullets. Does anyone have load data for 300 and 325gr bullets using powders other than Hodgon and Vihtavuori. Thanks
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    Online sources for reloading supplies.

    I've been getting all my stuff off of midwayusa and wanted to see where others were shopping. I mainly need bullets and cast molds and can't find these in local stores. Thanks
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    chas, sc Blackhawk 1911 holster

    For sale is a blackhawk cqc 1911 holster. I found this under the seat of a car that I purchased. Asking $25. Thanks
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    WTB: Desert Eagle 50AE

    Looking to buy a Desert Eagle 50AE in any color other than black. Let me know if you have one or if you have seen one for sell at any stores. Thanks
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    AR Furniture For Sale - Goose Creek

    Left over parts from first build that I no longer need. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking. Magpul MOE Stock - $40.00 A2 Grip - $5.00 Palmetto State Armory Stock - $20.00 Midlength Handguard - $15.00 P.S. The pencil is not for sale. :D
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    Primary Arms M4 style red dot - SC - SOLD

    Getting rid of some leftovers after my first build. This is a Primary Arms M4 style red dot that I mounted one time. Bought it used on another forum but I have no use for it. It's in brand new shape and has good reviews for a non expensive sight, but it's on you to do research. Asking $70 and I...
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    Happy Father's Day

    Just wanted to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day. I have a 10 month old girl so I guess I'm a rookie, but I'm lovin the gifts. Wife got me a eotech 512 and we went to the range to sight it in. Nice
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    Black Rifles 50 Beowulf

    I was doing some research for my next build and came across this beast. Anybody ever shot one or seen one in person. I know the ammo cost/availability would be an issue but damn it looks fun to shoot. What your thoughts?
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    Palmetto State Armory fathers day sale

    I just got an email from them advertising stripped lowers for $49.99. That's a steal for anyone looking to do a build.
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    Black Rifles New AR build

    Got bored and decided to post pics of the goodies. This is what I have so far and comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks
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    New member from Goose Creek

    Greetings from Goose Creek, SC. Got wind of this site from Henry at HHB and thought I'd join the locals. Doing my first ar build and look forward to getting help and insight from you all during the process. Thanks