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    Advanced Carry & Concealment course

    I am going to take this course tomorrow. ... Itemid=140 Has anyone here ever taken it? I am really looking forward to it! -Jeff
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    1,500 Cops surveyed... ... s-nearly-a I'll bet that this is not the lead story on MSNBC tonight... 1,500 Cops were surveyed about their thoughts on new gun legislation, ccw, magazine size limits etc.
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    Mayors Against Illegal Guns??? ... ter-video/ Apparently he thought that he was a member of "Mayors Against Other People Having Guns, But We Can Use Them For Our Own Purposes". It is not as catchy of a name but is more accurate :roll: Jeff
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    Newsmax poll ... DE=11EEA-1 Check out this online poll from Newsmax.
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    # of 1st Time CCW permit applicants rises! This is great news. The more good guys (& ladies) with CCW permits that we have, the better off we all will be! -Jeff
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    45acp at Wal-Mart

    Just thought I would let everyone know, Wal-Mart on main street in summerville has 45acp . 100 round boxes of 230 gr FMJ. I bought 5 & they still have quite a bit left.
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    NEW GUN DAY! I just got myself a late Christmas present. Bought my first 1911. It is a Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 CS. I ran over to Quickshot after I got it & was very pleased with its performance.:D :D :D Uploaded with
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    Ollie North on 13th grandchild ... sons-guns/
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    Black Rifles Kalishnikov advertisement

    I thought that this was a good (fake) ad. It would make me want one! Uploaded with
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    Night Sights

    OK, Who can offer a good explanation of what I should look for in a set of night sights for a hand gun? -What qualities should I look for? -Do I need to have a gunsmith install them? -What kind of price range should I expect to find in a decent set? So, you get the picture... I...
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    Nice & easy trade with kg4kpg. Real good guy. Nice meeting him today. :D -Jeff
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    Canada ends the long-gun registry "OTTAWA ? The Conservative government says its MPs will celebrate after a historic vote to end the long-gun registry Wednesday evening, despite vehement opposition to the move in Quebec...
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    Gunny's Diner

    I would love to see this happen!
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    This guy is dedicated!

    I would be a much better guitar player if I had this kind of dedication! Uploaded with
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    Safest Bank in town!

    These people "get it": ... hill-bank/ Jeff
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    Chicago loses handgun lawsuit

    Welcome to Chicago, where the Constitution just doesn't apply... ... t-chicago/
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    Journalists Guide to Firearm Identification

    I love this! It is just so true that it is both aggravating and funny at the same time... :lol: Uploaded with
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    Uh, Don't they have Universal Healthcare?? ... eird_news/
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    Lie about the person that posted last

    Make up a lie about the poster above you! I saw this on another site and thought it would be cool. You make something up about the person that posted above you. It can be ridiculous , absurd, silly , just plain just can't be true! For example, if someone, let's say Clicker...
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    President comments on Gun Control

    He apparently is trying to figure out how to enact gun control laws without going through Congress. Check out the quote in this article... ... the-radar/