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    where to find bulk .223 in upstate

    I'm looking for good American brass .223 ammo No steel cased or forien stuff. Every where I go they are sold out. If I drive down to Sportsmans warehouse will they have it?
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    CZ 52 Magazine SOLD!

    Came across one this week. First $20 gets it.
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    Doomsday Preppers show Teusdays @ 9:00pm

    On Nat. geo. Got some cool ideas from the two episodes last week. Coat eggs with mineral oil and they will keep in a cool dry place non refrigerated for up to a year and a half. They ate some 9 month old eggs on the show. Stay calm, it's only the community organizer. He only wants one more...
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    Sherwin williams on Wade Hampton

    Sherwin Williams has posted "no concealable weapons" notice that looks to be large enough to be a legal posting. If its close enough to have to get the tape measure out, ya better not get caught in there packing heat. Now, I'm going to have to start all over with my paint number scheme over at...
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    Gona try for the Remington Rand

    I think I may be able to get the Remington Rand 1911 a friend at work let me clean one time. It was perfet near mint except for the left side grip panel, (plastic) had some scratces where it rubbed against something. Other than that you would say the gun has never been shot. It has a...
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    .32 H&R magnums, SOLD

    $15.00 or trade for other ammo I can use. .223, .40 S&W, 30:06, 12ga.
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    H&R .32Long / Pardner pump 12ga. ((SOLD))

    Revolver is in great condition. Would make a good hide out gun for tackle box or truck. The pump is same as new. shot less than 20 times. I have installed a plus one high performance spring in the magazine tube for better performance. It uses win chokes. I think the one that is in it, is a...
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    Nephew (15) killed his first two deer in just one week

    A 4 point Monday morning behind my house and a big 6 (no brow tines) yesterday down on the WMA property.
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    Knight orange rifle discs 100pk

    If any of you need these I'll take $15.00 pluss shipping. They fit the original disc rifles that came out in the 90's. These are new ordered them two months ago. I will have them at Shootzenfest if you want to save on the shipping.
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    Miscellaneous gun room clean out.

    Uncle Mike's size one shoulder holster. fits small pistol/revolvers. $10 bag and half of #7.5 lead shot. $10 150- 7.62x39 Russian hollow points on stripper clips $20 All steel factory hitch hauler. has both adaptors to fit 1-1/4" and 2" receivers. $40 I can bring this stuff to the...
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    Off the market

    Traded to patron over at "Armslist"
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    First one down this year

    135lb cow horn. Left side 13" and curved. Right side 14" and strait up. Kinda looks "flickted" Not the prettyest one I've taken but he'll fill the freezer. .50 calibre Knight disc rifle. open sights 150 grains of pellets. Flatened the powerbelt 295 gr. bullet down till it looked like a stack of...
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    Be aware those of you that purchase Kahr firearms in support

    The unification Church founded and opperated by Sun Myong Moon "Founder of Unification Church" Does the word "moonie" ring a bell? Son OF Sun Myong Moon, "Moon_Kook-jin" "Justin" Majority stock holder and CEO of Kahr Arms. He is also the chairman of the Tongil Group a South Korean business...
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    Upstate shoot

    Where and when? I would like to make it there.
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    It is in 95% condition with slight scratch on top of receiver where someone had a scope on it. Ive put most of a box through it with no problems. Accurate. sell for $120 or trade for whatever. Run it by me. Sold
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    Sold my AK and drove down to Sportsman's warehouse.

    You know what that means. Yep Picked up another Panther. A-15 to be precise. Already had a free floated barrel/quad/aluminum/pickatiney/forend. I have had good service out of my Sportical (2k down the tube)
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    Black Rifles aguila ammo

    Found some on sale brass cased. What do you guys think about using it in an m4?
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    Trying to remember the name

    A forien war movie came out a couple years ago and ran in the US. I saw it and it was great! It was about how Russian jews suvived the Nazi ocupation of Latvia and started to fight back. They formed a militia that greatly upset the German plans and reaped revenge for thier personal losses. It...
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    New guy from Hicky Tick. Or Hickory Tavern as some folks say

    All is well down here right now because Laurens County is a "commie free zone"! Patriots are welcome anytime.
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    DPMS Oracle $569 deal.

    This add caught my eye. I want another one in a bad way. I thought maybe you guys might take advantage of it. ... n-Box.html