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    Looking For Desert Eagle ( I know this is the wrong spot but wanted does not get much attention )

    Not the model I am looking for but whats your cash price?
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    Wts,or trade.

    I am honestly trying to be helpful. Between Fordnut and myself we have bought and sold a couple of guns and I think he will back me up on this. You can kiss any tax or shipping you paid goodbye, they don't factor in at all. Accessories typically might make a sale easier but don't increase the...
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    What does a reaction score of 7 mean?

    What does a reaction score of 7 mean?
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    SOLD Hellcat OSP for sale. Sold Pending funds.

    Is that optic the liberty or the Justice? How many rounds are the magazines you just say 5 mags.
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    Covid Pricing

    Shh the walls have ears
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    Covid Pricing

    That's assuming they let us keep our firearms...
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    Reloading newbie

    It's just hard to get components at this time. Have you ever used a roll sizer for 9mm or 45? I use a bulge buster for 45acp but need to bulge bust 9mm. I cant do it the way I do 45 because 9mm is a tapered case. I don't know if I can pay $850 for a roll sizer...
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    Ammo Available

    P-1 would be at the shootzenfests and is a good guy.
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    new member...

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    Favorite Shotgun

    Old School 870 My daddy told me if it don't work pump harder...
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    Good Afternoon

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    I need a FFL to Recieve

    You Da Man! Thanks very much I will keep him in mind he is not that far from me. Honestly there is more of a chance of incoming than outgoing.
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    Looking For Desert Eagle ( I know this is the wrong spot but wanted does not get much attention )

    I want a Stainless Desert Eagle in 50AE or 429DE. Must have integral brake and low round count. Optimally it would have barrels in 50AE and 429DE. I have several items I would consider trading will also provide boot or expect boot. Random Picture Below
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    AR Pistol Upper 7.5" PSA

    I can attest to the condition of this upper, it is pristine.
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    I need a FFL to Recieve

    To clarify I am looking for someone that some of our members have experience with. I don't need them immediately I like to be prepared. I would prefer them to be in North Charleston. I would need them to receive incoming firearms and do the transfer paperwork to me. In the past when I would...
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    I need a FFL to Recieve

    Ok Thanks Melloyello I am old and cranky and sometimes take things the wrong way.
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    I need a FFL to Recieve

    Thanks Whippy I was looking for more than just a list online. I was looking for opinions from the community. Mellow Yellow I was not looking for snark. RDiver911 thanks Do they still paper forms or is it electronic?
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    I need a FFL to Recieve

    I need a FFL in North Charleston to receive and or ship. Any suggestions of one who won't want my first born just process paperwork? Price to receive please.
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    Bulge Busting 9mm

    I have a case gauge but sometimes pass fail are very close...
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    What should I be paying

    I blame Dopey Joe or should I blame Camel Toe