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  1. Blackbeard


    I feel a bit left out of the party - I don't know the joys of reloading. Used to watch my dad, but now I see the bonding that he and his friends would share.
  2. Blackbeard

    Organic Growth of Threads

    I’m a little puzzled as to what you mean? You mean the topics that come up in a thread or having different topics?
  3. Blackbeard

    Finally back!

    Welcome back!
  4. Blackbeard


    Not that I'm aware of.
  5. Blackbeard

    Leavin northam behind

    Welcome to the Palmetto state!
  6. Blackbeard

    My New Addition

    I like the paint job for sure.
  7. Blackbeard

    Surviving Coronavirus

    Hope everyone is staying safe.
  8. Blackbeard

    Sold please delete

    What sucks is that we have an automated system that would have helped others find this, and you removed all the content around it.
  9. Blackbeard

    I'm Back!! Its been a while.

    Congrats on the update, family transformation, and welcome back to the site! We sure are glad you decided to join us again! Looking forward to hearing about your build.
  10. Blackbeard

    Surviving Coronavirus

    I went to a funeral yesterday. I stayed back 40-50 feet from the grave site, although others we much closer. No one was elbow close thankfully.
  11. Blackbeard

    Surviving Coronavirus

    Wow. Never understood how closing a business was legal, nor why booze is essential.
  12. Blackbeard

    Surviving Coronavirus

    Sounds awesome - I just got some orders taken care of for TP, so I'm good to go. I think we are stocked pretty well on food as well. I work remotely, so I good there. I had to delay my wedding, but what's another 6 months right? So much going on.......I do miss being able to go to the beach...
  13. Blackbeard

    Surviving Coronavirus

    How is everyone doing.... Anyone running out of toilet paper yet?
  14. Blackbeard

    Relocation question

    I concur. You should be all set.
  15. Blackbeard

    H&R Pardner

  16. Blackbeard

    Fordnut is coming back....

    Congrats on moving back!
  17. Blackbeard

    Anyone going to the gun rights rally January 20, 2020 at Richmond, Virginia?

    We are a slower site - we are always looking for new ways to build up the membership - so thank you for joining. I'm not going to be able to make the rally, but I have made a donation to the VA gun organizations.
  18. Blackbeard

    Getting back in

    Welcome back!
  19. Blackbeard

    Hi. New from myrtle beach

    Welcome from just north of Myrtle! Glad you joined us!
  20. Blackbeard

    hello! New To SC, fled NJ to be Free

    Welcome to the beautiful south! No one ever retires up North that's for sure!