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  1. Blackbeard

    Hello from West Ashley

    Welcome from the coast! For some reason I always wanted to use an ACOG sight on my AR build. I just never coughed up the money to do that.
  2. Blackbeard

    For Sale: Caldwell Lead Sled Solo

    Good luck with the sale.
  3. Blackbeard

    Carolinas Wild Bunch Shootout

    I've never done competition shooting. I would love to attend but I always feel a bit intimidated.
  4. Blackbeard

    Official bump stocks are illegal

    that they did, I wouldn't turn them over...but I wonder if they did a cost comparison and said they couldn't recycle or destroy them as it would be cost prohibitive.
  5. Blackbeard

    Official bump stocks are illegal

    Not to get too political, nor have I ever desired a bump stock, they are illegal to own now. I hope you all have yours destroyed that enjoyed them. 250k fine or up to 10 years in prison
  6. Blackbeard

    H3206 Assault weapon ban magazine ban AR parts ban!!!

    Thanks for posting this! We need to get the word out to everyone! I'm going to post this on our FB group and page.
  7. Blackbeard


    Welcome @BrianV Now is a great time to join us, and start getting the word out to your friends about this legislation. Check in on us weekly, and post. We are trying to kick start this place, and we need all the help we can get!
  8. Blackbeard

    Remington 700 Police Sniper System for sale

    What are you asking for it?
  9. Blackbeard

    Cowboy Action Shooting in Belton

    man, I am going to have to take a trip down to this range soon enough.
  10. Blackbeard

    Nightstand gun safe recommendations

    I went ahead and order the two gun safe to place in my night stand.
  11. Blackbeard

    Nightstand gun safe recommendations

    I have a night stand, and I've been keeping my revolver in the night stand drawer. I'm not a fan of that for a number of reasons, but have been looking at the little safes that you have attach to them, and offer a bit of security to the pieces. I do not want to go with say a trigger lock...
  12. Blackbeard

    Do you carry when on vacation?

    It should also be in a hard checked bag, not a cloth one.
  13. Blackbeard

    Do you carry when on vacation?

    I travel a bit across the country to less friendly gun states. Do you still carry? Do you if you take a train? What about air travel?
  14. Blackbeard

    AK 47 People

    A picture would have helped for sure. I'm probably going to get rid of my AK's soon. Just taking up space, and I don't care for safe queens.
  15. Blackbeard

    Favorite Shotgun

    I love a good double barrel shotgun. The looks and just classic look is awesome. This thread is for just the shotguns we owned or have owned :)
  16. Blackbeard

    New from Swansea

    Welcome to the site, we are small, but friendly :) Sounds like you have an amazing setup.
  17. Blackbeard

    Been a while

    It does, but we gotta post at least once a week :)
  18. Blackbeard

    Favorite Shotgun

    Do you have a favorite shotgun? I'm partial to the mossberg 500 series I have.
  19. Blackbeard

    Large Ammo boxes

    Good luck with the sale!
  20. Blackbeard

    Where Did You Buy

    I don't buy from Buds or Gunbroker. I've never been comfortable with that whole arrangement. Always LGS. I do think guns aren't in as big of a demand..which happens.