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    Springfield 1911-A1

    Wanted one of these for a long time, finally found the right deal.
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    3.5 inch 6-shooter

    Nope, gonna shoot this weekend. Me and the wife are going to hang out at PSA and shoot my G43, Springfield 1911 and the 22.
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    3.5 inch 6-shooter

    Got me a new toy this week. I saw then several years ago but never got around to it. It’s a Heritage Arms. Shooter dang near all .22 up to .22WMR using two cylinders. Just need to find a neat little cowboy holster and I’ll be set. Saw some nice ones on the Heritage site.
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    Reloading newbie

    After Dave and I got the Lee all set up we loaded five then went to test fire. They shot great so I went beck and loaded 50 more. Too easy. Thanks again Dave.
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    Employed again!

    I’ve got a friend in Kuwait City. She teaches English. Good luck with the job. I’d like to do a year in KC after I retire in a few years.
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    AR grip

    Nope, sorry. Those are pretty nice.
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    AR grip

    Now + or K2. I like the rubber over-molding. Just so happens I have some A2 grips if anyone is looking. $5 plus a couple for postage. An unknown brand palm rest grip for $20.
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    Hello from the beach

    Howdy. I’m getting into reloading now as well. Looks like the best prices are from
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