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    Autoloading Shotgun Update

    As mentioned in my last post, the 1180 fps 1 oz loads failed to cycle. I discovered that there are three things the bolt carrier needs to overcome. First is cocking the hammer, followed by pushing the shell carrier activator down, then the recoil spring. I polished all contact surfaces to a...
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    Autoloading Shotgun Light Loads

    I have a Hatfield SAS-12 that I love. Ultra reliable IF you use 1250 fps or higher loads of 1-1/8 oz. With low velocity (1180) 1 oz loads, it won’t throw the bolt far enough to eject and cycle. The system is a hybrid gas/inertia. Gas piston unlocks the bolt and moves it back about 1-1/2”...
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    Greetings from Central. Clay shooters wanted!

    Looking to put together a non-formal shooting club to bust clays at the Pickens range or private property. No rules, no fees, etc. just a group of people that like skeet & trap. Would like to meet once a month. The more the better. Men, women, your kids, family, friends...are all welcome. Lets...