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  1. pipboy344

    Retro Vietnam M16 parts

    Found flash-hider
  2. pipboy344

    Retro Vietnam M16 parts

    Looking for a good condition Type-D stock with it’s solid rubber buttplate. The second generation 3-prong flash-hider seen on the Colt 602 through the earliest M16A1s as well as the commercial SP1 until the early 70s. The pre-A1 pistol grip that is thinner with recessed checkering.
  3. pipboy344

    Let's see your 1911's

  4. 40CB5581-139B-4C0C-B785-EDF72CA5CCBC.jpeg


    1933 Colt Government Model
  5. C53DB521-AF82-46B0-9D4A-047C3F428BBC.jpeg


    Norinco/IAC M1897 Trench Gun
  6. 8C7CD622-BA81-47CB-A599-718EBFCEF88C.jpeg


    1977 Colt AR-15 SP1 & 1933 Colt Government Model
  7. 0674A39A-82D2-40CF-B06E-2B50E472C6DD.jpeg


    WASR-10 with Romanian AKM bayonet
  8. pipboy344

    IAC M1897 Trench Gun for sale

    Norinco made, IAC imported and marked. Will slam fire just like originals. Low round count, original sling. Prefer to deal face to face but can work something out. $600
  9. pipboy344

    HK 91 For Sale

    Okay, that’s what I was asking about.
  10. pipboy344

    HK 91 For Sale

    What’s the discoloration inside? Is it just the lighting?
  11. pipboy344

    AR grip

    Pre-A1 M16. Hate the A2 finger ledge.
  12. pipboy344

    Hello from the beach

    707 range?
  13. pipboy344

    WASR-10 AKM for sale or trade

    AK comes with scope & mount with weaver rail, 3 30 round metal magazines, and a vintage mag pouch which holds them. $700 Looking to trade for Retro Vietnam AR-15, no carbines or modern hybrids. Shooter condition SP1 or clones.
  14. pipboy344

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