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    Favorite Shotgun

    On the assumption that “favorite” means a shotgun that I own, as opposed to one that I’d like to own; I’d say the SKB 100 side by side. It was a very nice bird Gun when I bought it. Now it’s cut down and slicked up for cowboy shooting.
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    Cowboy Action in Upstate SC

    I have been shooting SASS cowboy matches since early 2010. There are two SASS-affiliated clubs in Upstate South Carolina that host monthly matches. Matches are open to the public-you need not be a member of the “host” club or a member of SASS to shoot monthly matches. There is no charge for...
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    Wild Bunch match on March 24

    The Greenville Gunfighters’ March monthly match on Sunday March 24, 2019 will feature, alongside the cowboy action match, a Wild Bunch Action Shooting match. See my prior thread for a fuller description but Wild Bunch is like Three Gun, but using guns from 1913. This is our first match after...
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    New member from Greenwood County!

    Welcome from Greenville. We are shooting our monthly cowboy action match tomorrow; come hang out with us!
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    Hello from Pickens County

    Rifle ranges over 300 yards are hard to find. I understand that the Elberton club has a good Sporting Clays course, too. For the benefit of others who may be reading this thread, the cowboy matches I mentioned are open to non-members of the “host” club. I am not a member of the Belton club...
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    Hello from Pickens County

    Hello from Greenville. I’m involved in cowboy action shooting; we have two Upstate clubs that host monthly matches (Belton and Greenville). Almost every shooter handloads. Let me know if you would like more info.
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    AR grip

    I like the standard MOE but I put a MagPul SL (slimline) grip and stock on one rifle. It has a more vertical angle and it’s narrower.