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    Been a while

    OK, this is my once a week where is yours? you don't want me to start posting more stupid questions
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    AK 47 People

    looked at it yesterday & it looks like an AK, except for the slots in the fore arm & the black plastic for racking the slide. made in Romania & imported by Georgia arms. neat looking, still don't want one though. should have gotten a picture
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    Favorite Shotgun

    Remington 1100, never failed me. of course can not beat the looks of my double barrel.
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    New member from Greenwood County!

    Welcome, glad your here
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    AK 47 People

    don't know. i may go by next week & look at it & get pics.
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    AK 47 People

    Had a man tell me he had an Romanian ak47 pump chambered in 5.56, wanted some info & value. i can not find anything out about it. i have found it in 7.62 x 39 but not in 5.56. anyone know anything? i haven,t saw it yet.
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    Employed again!

    Good luck & have fun
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    What gun groups

    What gun groups do you support if any? this time of year you get all kind of offers to join. Palmetto Gun Rights, national Foundation of Gun Rights, & Gun Owners of America just to name a few. i usually give to Palmetto Gun Rights. I just don't know what good it does.