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    HK 91 For Sale

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    HK 91 For Sale

    I'm not positive as to exactly what you're referring to, but if it's pictures #2 and #3, which shows the ejection port, you're seeing the bolt assembly which doesn't actually have any discoloration on it, but does look somewhat brown in the photo.
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    Remington 592 5mm magnum w/UTG scope + ammo

    I've been hanging on to this Remington 5mm magnum for many years now. First purchased it in about '72-'73 and used it extensively squirrel hunting in the mid-70's. In my opinion this is the finest rim-fire cartridge ever made. Made by Remington to compete with the Winchester .22 magnum, the...
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    HK 91 For Sale

    No “clone” here; up for sale is the real deal, my HK 91, date code IA (1980). It has the black A2 stock configuration, with an E&L Mfg Co buttstock extention on it. This adds about an inch over the standard stock. Forearm is the “wide” type and has the built-in bi-pod. Will come with a carry...