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    Reloading newbie

    nice setup ,
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    Hello all

    welcome glad your here
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    Summerville checking in

    welcome to the forum
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    Hodgdon Titegroup Powder

    I tried the TiteGroup powder out with some 7/8 oz Lee Slugs , worked Great and the powder even smells good lol
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    It's deer season 2018

    seen alot around kings mtn state park lately
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    New PSF logo

    WOW thats what we need
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    Weekly newsletter

    thanks Blackbeard
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    Hello all

    welcome and thanks for coming over
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    welcome Sir glad your here
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    Southeast NC Shooter

    welcome to the forum
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    NC guy here

    Welcome to the forum
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    Hi from Irmo

    welcome from Clover SC
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    Newbie from CFF

    Hey Man glad your here
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    Open Invitation

    Thank you Sir
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    Hodgdon Titegroup Powder

    Thank you sir: from what I have read , it sounded very close to red dot
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    Hodgdon Titegroup Powder

    anyone here ever use this powder in 12 ga for slug or buck, my book stated 18.4 grains at 11,400 pressure for 1 1/8 oz load I hadn't shot that high of a pressure before , looking for comments copdills
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    Rock Island VR60 Shotgun 12 ga

    AR15 style 12 ga shotgun , any one shot one of these , something to play with with maybe with slugs and buck how does the fit and finish look copdills
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    MEC 600 Jr 12 Gauge reloader has been sold

    nice loader
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    Hello from upstate SC

    welcome to the forum Sir
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    please close found the parts

    Wanted Mec bushings #20-27 &#32 also mec metal powder baffel or let me know what you have thanks copdills