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    Smith & Wesson Victory .22

    Where’s the rest? All I see is “Thank you.”
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    Facebook Group

    Now we just need a Facebook button down there vvvvv (in the Share footer)
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    Open Carry

    Nor have I heard rumors. What’s your source?
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    AR Pistol Pics

    I think you just wrote the definition of “custom builds.”
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    Forum fading away??

    Because all the SC gun enthusiasts are out at the range instead of sitting in front of their computers?
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    Where Did You Buy

    PSA may need it’s own category, but I would put it closer to an LGS than a chain.
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    Gunsmith and /or transfer agent??

    Didn’t get back to the OP, but Wheaton Arms is quite renowned. I think he’s big into custom Glocks these days.
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    Where’s @Tigerstripe ???

    Where’s @Tigerstripe ???
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    Where Did You Buy

    Above actually.
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    Where Did You Buy

    Seeing lots of LGS close up shop, prices hitting rock bottom, supply exceeding demand, wondering how our shopping habits may be affecting things. Survey below.
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    Rumored Humdinger in Laurens Closing?

    A little birdie told me Humdinger gun shop on the historic Laurens square is closing up shop. I hope it’s not true. They really put some effort into their new storefront. That being said, downtown Laurens is not exactly the metropolis it was 100 years ago.
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    Shield .40 to .357 Sig?

    I’ve always admired the .357 Sig from afar (never owned or even shot one). Reminiscent of the .30 Luger.
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    Forum fading away??

    And where is @Tigerstripe ? He always kept me coming back for more.
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    Forum fading away??

    Trump effect. Obama made great strides in uniting and energizing the firearms community.
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    Forum fading away??

    I’m here. I kinda look to respond to interesting activity. Maybe I should start originating some activity and see what happens.
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    Gunsmith and /or transfer agent??

    Trump Effect. This industry is so strange. It’s hard not to admit a large portion of the business is fear/panic driven. The attacks on our rights are at an all time high - America must have a lot of confidence in Trump. Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your thread.
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    7.62x51 M80 ball 147gr FMJ for plinking. Look for 168gr Sierra for more serious business.
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    Help with QD Scope Base for AR

    I ended up with a PEPR. I don’t know if I like the QD concept. Latch, unlatch, adjust, repeat. You can easily lose the adjustment when removed, so it’s really only “quick” in the “disconnect.” Seems to take much longer to put on than just tightening nuts.
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    Why do I have to focus binoculars but not scopes?

    Think someone would make fixed focus binocs. EDIT: Duh, they do. Bushnell Permafocus.