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    Old member making a comeback

    Imaduckin I would say you are exactly correct it has not always been that way. You started a bit younger than me but the age matches.
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    Old member making a comeback

    Years ago when Pops and I founded this forum I would go to gun shows and spend hours walking up and down the line handing out cards with the web address on them. We had dealers who would recommend this forum and include one of our cards in the bag with every purchase. We gave out T-Shirts and...
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    Several Firearms for sale

    BuckNut This site used to be more. Then along came facebook.
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    Men's Pants Pockets

    Thanks for the input guys. You never let me down. I am going to continue with my pursuit.
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    Men's Pants Pockets

    Do any of y'all remember when men's pants had decent sized front pockets?
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    Spread the word!!!!!

    I am doing pretty well for my age. How bout you?
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    Spread the word!!!!!

    Pops and I are still around. We went to Boggy Head a couple of weeks ago
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    I got asked a question I did not know the answer to this morning.

    Perhaps the management should post a picture of a clear measuring cup filled with brass. Whomever guesses closest to the actual amount would win a prize.
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    I got asked a question I did not know the answer to this morning.

    I was asked an odd couple of questions this morning. How many 45acp cases fit in a two cup measuring cup? How many 9mm cases fit in a two cup measuring cup? My answer was a couple or three handfuls. He wanted to know exactly so he would know how many he would be putting in his tumbler when it...
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    Armslist gone to crap

    I have now noticed there are fewer listings. Hopefully they will realize their current business model is just not working.
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    Are any of Y'all open carrying now that it is legal?

    I was just wondering if any of y'all are open carrying? I am going to set a poll please vote
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    Armslist gone to crap

    Please feel free to correct me. Armslist used to be my first stop when looking for a used firearm. However since they have started charging everyone not just people selling it has going to crap. I see lots of dealers and premium members selling new guns but not so much in the used stuff I used...
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    The list of Shame (places where concealed carry is banned)

    Seems as though it would because free nights are not really free. Generally they are comped or earned with points.
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    I have a bit of stuff not quite enough to last me for the rest of my life but a bit.
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    Buyer Beware

    Found this on Long Range Hunting Was surfing the web today in hopes of finding some IMR or Hodgons 4350 powder. After striking out on most of the sites if did find Alphex Firearms in Lawrence, Kansas "did" in fact have powder in 1 pound containers, and you could purchase as many pounds as you...
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    Ammo ban

    I heard that too. Perhaps his son will broker a deal for the Chinese to fill the void.
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    Ammo Pricing Fall

    Cannot attest to the accuracy but I was told that Russian import ammunition is being banned. If that happens it's not going to be pretty. I guess our best hope would be that China will step up to fill the void.
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    State of the Forum March 2013

    Yes! More activity in the classifieds! I was kind of surprised to see this message resurface. I think I wrote the original in 2013 time sure flies by.
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    Looking For Desert Eagle ( I know this is the wrong spot but wanted does not get much attention )

    Not the model I am looking for but whats your cash price?
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    Wts,or trade.

    I am honestly trying to be helpful. Between Fordnut and myself we have bought and sold a couple of guns and I think he will back me up on this. You can kiss any tax or shipping you paid goodbye, they don't factor in at all. Accessories typically might make a sale easier but don't increase the...