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    First Federal Banks --- POSTED!

    every bb&t I have ever been in was posted
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    Restaurant Carry Bill.??

    I will be reminding restaurants here in rock hill need to get on board and help pass this. until it passes they will be losing business to NC restaurants
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    LEO Encounter in Conway

    how many points ?
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    Ceiling compartment in my truck

    that should be considered a type of console , and it doesn't have to be locked. should be fine
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    Oakley sunglasses- new thread started

    Oakley sunglasses pm sent
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    AR-15 10in Complete Pistol Upper how much ? and where ?
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    Deer hunting with a shotgun

    i have killed many deer using buckshot . 3" mag using a ported buckshot tube. all of them were running deer with dogs however i wouldn't hesitate sitting in a stand with buckshot as long as your shots are 60 yds. or less
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    Where do you guys carry your phone?

    i either keep my phone on the opposite side of my belt or in a side/cargo pocket i like the cell phone pockets on the leg of carhardt pants
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    308 AR Scope

    you might want to check with leupold and see if they can change the recticle for a reasonable price.
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    308 AR Scope

    i have noticed a lot of good close out deals on scopes with the fine crosshairs . they evidnetly don't sell too well you really can't go wrong with either nikon or leupold
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    Disappointed with twin ponds

    that is the exact reason i joined a club and stopped going to public ranges . much more fun shooting without having to watch your back
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    Getting ready for WMA deer season question

    no restrictions in SC
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    i can't believe you allowed him in your truck , that doesnt sound too safe glad it turned out ok though , better safe than sorry
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    Just Suspose-New Law-Must Turn In Guns-????

    there goes all my airsoft :(
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    Black Rifles New guns and walking pins....

    i had the same thing happen on my first build . it would fire 4 rds and light strike the 5th . i compared it to my colt and the spring was in wrong. its an easy fix
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    Denny's Endorses Right to Bear Arms in Ad

    wouldnt matter anyway since they serve alcohol
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    Black Rifles battle comp 1.0

    while it is expensive , the BC is the best money i have spent on my AR . it makes for extremely fast follow up shots . i went with the spikes dynacomp on my 300 blk its almost as good for $90
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    M&P Shield

    both sportsmans warehouse and Academy sell em for $399 . but they dont keep em long . both said they usually sell the day they arrive. Palmetto state armory had a .40 cal shield for $409 on sat. i have the 9mm and love it.
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    Black Rifles Gunn 300 blackout

    prob. because it is only 130 gr. bullet