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    Hand Held GPS

    Got my DeLorme Earthmate PN-60 Handheld GPS yesterday and began playing and learning with it. Theres a lot of data to assimilate and its probably going to do a lot more than I really need it to do but so far its been impressive. Its rugged enough (and waterproof) so taking it with me into the...
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    Missed poll, results -1. What do you think? Home invasion

    Re: Missed poll, results -1. What do you think? Home invasio Anyone breaking into my house will be met with deadly force, no apoligies to anyone. I have family and kids in the house and my intent is to prevent harm to anyone I am resposbile for. If somone is braking in as far as I am concerned...
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    Poor man's GPS

    I keep a good compass in my back pack at all times. Learned to use one many years ago and think all outdoors people should have a basic knowledge of how to use one and also how to read a map....among other things.
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    Hand Held GPS

    Well I can tell you that being more rugged and waterproof were the primary considerations for me. Also from my readings, right or wrong, there appears to be a better case for a dedicated GPS, especailly in the mountains, but I am no expert. However my IPHONE is not coming out of the truck when I...
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    Hand Held GPS

    Thanks for the suggestion but I settled on a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60 Handheld GPS. Afeter doing tons of research and asking lots of questions its seemed to be the best one for me. So many of the cheaper models have hidden extra costs, the kind that sneak up on you, oh like buying maps for what...
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    Hand Held GPS

    Hey Guys, I have an itch for a handheld GPS. I have a guided FLY fishing trip into an area I have never been to and would like to be able to set some way points and be able to go back on my own. Also for hunting etc. Any one have any strong thoughts on the best to buy and of course being...
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    greed, and his recent adds are really turning nasty, in my adult life this is the first time that Hack has been seriously challenged and I have ponied up as much $$$$ as I could for Mick. Spratt has said to my face he is against the 2nd amendment and would out law hunting if it was up to...
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    Sportsmans Warehouse

    Many people seem to think that working at a gun shop / counter instantly makes them an expert...and we all know how that goes. However I do wish to point out that a .380 with the right PD ammo is a very effective CCW weapon. I currently carry the Sig P238 and have carried the Keltec P3AT and...
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    Rock Hill has moved into the big time With a Dick's

    Well so far they have been great but thats to be expected with a new opening. The one in Pineville is not customer friendly, or at least I have not found it to be so. But we will see, main thing is it gives us another option rather than the local tightly controlled "shops" and Walleyworld. And I...
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    Rock Hill has moved into the big time With a Dick's

    Opened this week. Plenty of ammo, stocked up on .380 and they had plenty. Which has been very scarce around these parts. Pretty good prices to.
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    Another new Sig

    Late response but yes I play Starcraft 2. Love it actually.
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    Your new Moderator

    Congrats, Mods have a thankless job....and if you read Palmettoshootersforum real quick it looks like the palmetto Hooters Forum which is what caught my eye, heck I did not know this was a gun site until a week after signed up and could not find the hooters......shhhhhh I really did not say...
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    Another new Sig

    I have heard the same comment and insecurity sentiment for years in regards to carrying 1911's, which I did for years and cannot recall a single documented case of that happening, although I share your concern for that particular part of the male anatomy. By the way the trigger pull on the 238...
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    Another new Sig

    Thanks, Its pretty obvious that I love my Sigs. I expect this one to live up to its big brothers reputations and history. I'm thinking I need to thin the herd of some items,,,,,although my son in law thinks I should keep all of my toys for later, like when I am in the ground and they get passed...
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    Another new Sig

    I have been dithering for several weeks on replacing my Keltec P3AT because I have never gotten the action to be as smooth as I think it should be, don't get me wrong its a pretty good pocket pistol but just not living up to my desires. I probably have only put a hundred of so rounds down it...
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    New Additon thanks to Silent Bob of Upstate Armory

    No Bob's UPState Armory and I don't recall him selling the items you mention. He's up in Fountain Inn. Great guy to deal with.
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    New Additon thanks to Silent Bob of Upstate Armory

    Believe it or not I still have not put a round through it. I have been so tied up with work and Honey Do projects that my range time has been sadly neglected. I have 3 new weapons to break in and they are all still virgins......Maybe this weekend I can pop at least one cherry....we will see.
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    Bury a gun and ammo for 15 years

    (and be assured everything still works when you dig it up) I thought this was a pretty interesting article and with the state of the country it might be of interest to others. Back in the early 1990s the outlook for the nation in general...
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    Another new Additon, used but in excellent shape

    Picked this up in a trade yesterday. Have not torn it down yet but initial inspection looks good. Much heavier than I anticipated. Springfield Micro 1911 .45ACP Springfield Micro and RIA Officers model CW45, Springfield and RIA officers All in 45 ACP of course. I have an affection for...
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    I am going to try and get up a group from up here and see what response I can get. Its about 3 hours from the Rock Hill Charlotte area and for some of these old farts it might be to much for (I am pretty much the oldest so if I can do it the young whippersnappers ought to be able to...