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    Range time

    Dave 3rd Saturday of may we are going to try to get a shoot together.
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    Looks like I'm in the market for a few as well.
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    If you don't mind a knock off go to Amazon and search greenblob. It's an atlas clone. I did not know it when I bought mine it works very well. I'm going to try different attachments for the feet.
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    single shot rifles

    I got a handi chambered in 300 blk out. Put a full size can on her and she is wicked quiet. Had if for almost 2 years. I have 20 rounds through her. Guess I don't shoot her much.
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    Thinking of getting an ar

    Well kind of funny, I just got an Ar. I have been missing out on a nice 1-500yd rifle. I had inside 10@ yds coverd and past 500 but nothing for that range. I have always avoided the Ar rifles, it appears the Ar platform is like Novacain.
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    Lost cwp

    your suppose to notify sled within 10 days. Get your drivers license. Photo copy that and send in with either 5 or 10 dollars.
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    Goodies for sale.

    AAC tirant 9 1/2x28 piston $60 Dead air mask suppressor $425 Double rifle bag. 44" lots of pouches $60 Dead air sandman S 30cal suppressor $850
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    SCACA show at North Charleston convention center, Jan 14 & 15

    I may try to sneak out there. Not sure what else I could use....
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    Made a new HDPE shorty handle for the Forster Co-Ax press

    That is really a great idea. Well done.
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    Brand name

    I have been know to stick with one brand. All have same sight picture, mag release, slide release. It just allows me to keep with doing everything the same each time. Even though I'm shooting a different gun. The one different is my p7 since it is a squeeze cocker but sights are the same, as...
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    Show off!!

    Yes now I'm just trying to find time to use them. I try to shoot IDPA on the third Saturday and pistol caliber carbine uspsa the first Saturday. Sometimes I just need to throw lead with no rules or buzzers, or timers. Just mag dumps....
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    Show off!!

    Got a couple of these while site was down. This is one of my favorite pictures right now.
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    We're Back! Merry Christmas!

    Back and active. Hello guys!!!
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    ShootzenFest casting session today, gotta get ready.........

    Hey is that powder coated silver or pre powder coated.
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    H&K SP89 or Coharie 89 for sale

    Jeff if you can't figure out how send me pics and I'll post for you. My email is my screen name Good luck with sale.
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    Let's see your 1911's

    My first and only 1911....
  18. J

    AAC website credit for sale(price drop)

    I have $1200 in credit to AAC website. I'd like to get $1000 for it. Let me know if interested. Ok I'm going to start dropping price. This will be cross posted first I'll take is gets it.